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Based between the islands of Ios and Anafi, Santorini is a small island comprised of several small and picturesque villages in the Cyclades cluster of islands. Dotted around the island are some of the most beautiful beaches of the Greek islands, making it a must visit for sun lovers, no matter what time of year it is. The unique and intriguing formation of Santorini is due to its volcanic nature; the island was once part of a much bigger island originally named Thira. Santorini is an ideal destination for those looking to understand a traditional way of Greek life and to enjoy the various forms of plant life and stunning scenery.

Ideal car

While some of the roads may be narrow, an all-terrain vehicle may be ideal for traversing the potholed roads and countryside areas with complete ease.

Driving in Santorini


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Important things to note

The roads around the island are not of a particularly high quality, meaning that care should be taken when driving at all times, particular during the night due to a lack of street lighting.
The primary drivers on the road are tourists rather than the locals, which can occasionally lead to accidents due to a lack of knowledge of the rules of the road.
The island itself is quite small, and it is possible to drive from Vlichada to Ia within 50 minutes, making a car the perfect means by which to explore the island.

Highlights & Hotspots

Purportedly the inspiration for the myth of Atlantis, the entire island is a remains of a huge volcanic eruption estimated to have occurred in 1630 BC. The small villages of Fire and Thirasis are ideal spots to visit to view the smoking areas that are still active on the island.
A tour of the countryside is a must, primarily to enjoy the natural scenery but also to explore the cave houses, some of which are abandoned, to understand a much older and traditional way of life for some of the islanders.
The beaches are comprised of soft, white sand in some areas, ideal for sunbathing and other beach activities, while others are fascinatingly different; Red beach is accessible through the use of boats and is stunningly comprised of red cliff faces and similar sand.
There are also multiple wineries in the area, with the Volcan Wines Museum and Winery a true highlight of the collection for any interested in the history of wine in the area along with a beautiful winery to sample.

Airport Information

Based close by the village of Kamari, Santorini National Airport is regularly linked to mainland Greece and some other areas of Europe. Flights are regularly conducted daily during high season, though can become quieter during low season.
The airport is connected by a small link road which goes westbound towards Mesaria. From there, you can get to Karterados and Thira.

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