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More commonly known by its Italian name Zante, Zakynthos is the third largest island on the western coast of Greece and a very popular tourist destination for those looking for a balance between a peaceful retreat and a party atmosphere. People come here for the views of the Ionian Sea as well as the other islands nearby as well. With a number of historical monuments dotted throughout the island, clubs, bars and restaurants providing entertainment, and some fascinating natural features on land and sea, the island is ideal for party-goers and families alike. The weather helps, as the warm Mediterranean climate guarantees hot summers and mild winters.

Ideal car

Despite the narrow nature of many roads, thanks to the uneven paving, potholes and slippery surfaces, many areas of the island are incredibly difficult to reach without a 4X4 vehicle.

Driving in Zakynthos


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Important things to note

There is no obvious trend to the languages used on the road signs, meaning that while some are in both Greek and English, there are others solely in Greek. Have a GPS system handy.
Many of the roads can be somewhat treacherous thanks to potholes and gravel making the road slippery beneath the wheel.
It is important to be aware of quad bikes and scooters at all times, especially during the summer as many will rent and use them without knowing how to ride them.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Blue Caves are perhaps the islands most fascinating natural landmarks, based at Cape Skinari on the northern area of the island. While the caves themselves are absolutely fascinating, it is the bright, vivid blue of the surrounding water that draws people from all around.
Navagio, commonly known as The Shipwreck, is a stunning result of a man-made accident meets natural corrosion. A ship that lost power and washed onto the shore of a tiny bay and over time created a tiny sand beach surrounded by azure blue waters.
There a numerous beaches all around the coast of the island that are clean suntraps with swimmable water. Agios Nikolaos is considered one of the best on the island, offering soft sand, clear waters and plenty of water sports for the thrill-seekers!
Turtle spotting is a popular pastime on the island but should only be participated in responsibly. A marina has been built in Laganas Bay to protect the turtles and offer people the chance to catch sight of these beautiful animals.

Airport Information

Zakynthos Airport is based in the southern area of the island, but is a relatively easy drive no matter where you are staying. It is served regularly by international services during tourist season, whilst domestic flights from Athens occur around twice daily.
From the town of Zakynthos, you can get to the airport directly via the 35 highway, which goes from the town centre to the airport itself.

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