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The incredibly picturesque island of Guernsey can feel like the season of summer personified, with beautiful flowers blooming throughout the year across the island. Combining incomparable views with a simplistic and peaceful way of life, no traveller could help but feel refreshed after visiting the area. Guernsey’s primary appeal comes to those looking to relax and unwind in the spring and summer sun, but there’s also a surprising war history to the island that can be explored too. With museums and manors open to the public, you might be pleasantly surprised by the amount this small island has to offer.

Ideal car

A very small car is ideal for the narrow, winding road while the economical use of fuel will make driving low-cost.

Driving in Guernsey


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Important things to note

The roads are quite narrow throughout the island including the centre of the town.
The roads are of a reasonably high quality though there are some pot holes and gravelled roads in some areas of the island.
Traffic is low, though there are many cyclists on the road, meaning that while all times of day are convenient for travel, drivers should be aware of bikes at all times.

Highlights & Hotspots

Castle Cornet is a 19th century harbour fortress that has been transformed into five museums covering a range of topics regarding the history of Guernsey, including maritime history, the story of the castle itself, and four historically accurate period gardens.
Literary lovers should be sure to see Hauteville House, the home of Victor Hugo during his period of exile from France. Beautifully preserved, the house and gardens are open to the public to explore and see the grand designs put in place by the author.
For those interested in more recent history, the German Military Underground Museum is the largest remaining structure of the German occupation of the island during World War 2. The haunting structure serves as a grim reminder of the conditions people were put to work under the occupation.
Sausmarez Manor is often described as the jewel in Guernsey’s crown; a stunning manor, there are places to relax and explore, including one of the world’s most beautiful gardens. The grounds also host the work of sculptors, with plenty of amazing art on show all year around.

Airport Information

Guernsey Airport, though small, is regularly served all year round by three airlines from around the UK and some parts of Europe. Getting there isn’t a problem if you have a satnav or map of the island handy.
Le Bourg, which goes northeast to St Peter Port, is the main road going alongside the airport to the south.