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Eastern European holidays are quickly growing in popularity and with wide range of sights and experiences to be had in Budapest, there’s little wonder why. Hungary’s large capital city is brimming with sights from the natural landscapes to the amazing architecture of the buildings in the city. There’s a fascinating history here, and while the city still bears the scars from WWII, it’s a city that’s continually evolving. There are a whole range of sightseeing opportunities in this cultural hub, from the art galleries to the range of historical sites and buildings dotted around the city. Weather-wise, the city tends to be rather humid. Typically you’ll see warmer temperatures of about 25˚C beginning in June and continuing through the summer months, although summer in Budapest tends to be fairly long – usually from May through to September.

Ideal car

Budapest is an urban area, and the majority of the attractions are in the busy city centre. It’s better to pick out a nippier, more manoeuvrable car.

Driving in Budapest


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Important things to note

It’s advisable to exercise a good level of personal security and be aware of pickpockets or other petty thieves.
Beware of tourist traps in certain bars, restaurants and clubs in Budapest, particularly near large hotels in the V district of Pest, where you might find extortionate surcharges on your bill. This is usually the case in restaurants that don’t display prices on the menu.
Always chance money in exchange offices and be aware of street money changers.

Highlights & Hotspots

The former Royal Palace which lies in the Castle hill citadel, along with the accompanying museums is a must for history and culture buffs. This fascinating building has been destroyed and rebuilt more than six times. The Hungarian National Gallery accompanies the museum and palace, and includes impressive collections which span across four floors.
Thermal spas and Turkish baths are also popular for those really wanting to unwind during their stay in the city. Hot springs are in abundance in Budapest as are a range of bathhouses from Turkish to art nouveau.
To see the amazing natural landscapes and Hungarian wildlife, take a trip to Hortobágy National Park. A prime location for bird watchers, you’ll see a range of birds from the heron, spoonbill and kite, to the eagle, kestrel and even the great bustard – one of the largest birds in the world.

Airport Information

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is located approximately 10 miles from the centre of Budapest and is accessible via the Üllői road.