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As the fourth most populous country in the world, you’ll never have a dull moment travelling around Indonesia. A huge country with a total of 18,110 islands (just 6,000 of them being inhabited) there’s so much to discover and explore throughout the Southeast Asian archipelago.
From the wealthiest to the poorest parts of Indonesia, there is an expansive amount of culture here. Much of the historical architecture remains, with some dating to as early as 2500 BC in some cases. Meanwhile, compelling religious culture is seen throughout the country and stunning scenery frames every island perfectly.

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Driving in Indonesia
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Driving culture in Indonesia

What are the roads like in Indonesia?
The road conditions are generally poor throughout the country, though are of a slightly higher standard in the major cities. If visiting during the rainy season, many roads become impassable due to flooding.
What are the drivers in Indonesia like?
The Indonesian drivers are known to be somewhat reckless on the roads, especially in regards to traffic lights which are often ignored. Driving on the hard shoulder is a common problem, as is overtaking at dangerous spots in the road.
What are the best times to drive?
While driving conditions remain regular throughout the day, it is inadvisable to drive during the night due to dangerous driving from Indonesian motorists. Also, many roads being in a state of disrepair and reduced visibility are major problems when not driving in daylight.
What are the driving laws?
All drivers must carry not only their home driving license but also an international driving license and a passport at all time. Only the driver and front seat passenger must wear a seatbelt. All cars must carry reflective road triangles, reflective safety jackets, first aid kits, a fire extinguisher, spare tyre and tyre iron.

Important things to note

The roads are very often used, without announcement, as locations for public events such as weddings and funerals, so it is important to approach all roads in towns and cities with caution.
There is a zero tolerance approach to drinking and driving, meaning that zero levels of alcohol are acceptable when driving.
Due to the poverty of many, many of the cars on the road are not properly functioning so very often the indicators and headlights do not work.

Attractions to drive to


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