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Set on the southern tip of Israel, tourists may be incredibly surprised when arriving at this relaxed resort town. Based only 200 miles away from Tel Aviv, the atmosphere is entirely different, offering a chance for visitors to kick back and enjoy the sun while being close to the border with Jordan, which contains some outstanding natural landmarks. Wide mixes of people visit the area, including those who live in Israel, along with young tourists and families. There are many activities on offer, most of which take advantage of the hot summer sun and glorious coastal location such as riding dune buggies and camels.

Ideal car

A saloon vehicle will provide the comfort and space needed to travel the hot roads of the town and its surrounding area.

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Important things to note

While the majority of attractions are within walking distance, the intense heat can make walking for any length of time extremely uncomfortable, while bus services are limited.
Many of the other major tourist locations including Tel Aviv, Jordan and the Dead Sea are a long distance away and can take upwards of five hours to travel to and from.
The roads within the town itself and the surrounding area are of a high standard, though they can often become covered in dust and may crack in the heat.

Highlights & Hotspots

Water sports and beach activities are in abundance along the coastal areas of the town, with Coral Beach being the ideal hotspot for scuba diving. The underwater world here is full of beautiful coral and amazing sea life such as the delightful parrotfish.
One of the most popular attractions in the Underwater Observatory as it offers interested parties the chance to glimpse the world beneath without getting wet! Along with observation areas below the sea, there are also tanks containing sharks, sting rays and turtles.
Those who want to understand some of the conservation work taking place in the area, Dolphin Reef is more than just a tourist spot. The staff rehabilitate the dolphins before they get released into the sea, and visitors are able to take a trip to the area to see these amazing creatures.
In much the same vein, the Hai Bar is a fantastic zoo that is not only home to a range of diverse animals, but works to rehabilitate and care for these animals until they are strong enough to be released into the wild, making Eilat a great spot for nature lovers.

Airport Information

Eilat Airport is based in the centre of the city and as such is very easy to travel to and from, though traffic can build up near the main access roads during certain peak periods, especially during weekdays and Saturdays.
The airport is generally only served domestically, though connecting flights are frequent for those travelling from other areas of the world.