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Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East, the Israeli port town of Haifa sits over the sides of Mount Carmel and features stunning sea views. The city is largely an industrial town, which the technology museum pays tribute to, but efforts have been made to progress arts, culture and entertainment in recent years. As well as being rich in religious history, the city has a mixture of largely Arab and Jewish residents, which is unusual in Israel. The old German Colony area downtown has also been redeveloped in recent years and is considered locally to be the best possible place to go for the finest food and drink in Haifa.

Ideal car

A 4x4 is recommended for Haifa, as it is powerful enough to tackle the often steep roads surrounding the city.

Driving in Haifa


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Important things to note

Driving in and around Haifa can sometimes be challenging due to lack of signage, so ensure you take a sat/nav and map, planning each journey carefully beforehand.
Haifa sometimes suffers from traffic congestion, so try to avoid the busy rush hours wherever possible.
Parking is usually unproblematic in the city; look out for curb stones marked blue and white and pay at the meter on the street.

Highlights & Hotspots

The jewel in Haifa’s crown is undoubtedly Bahai Garden, which is located down the full length of Mount Carmel. Built entirely through members of the faith, the gardens also feature a golden-domed shrine of the Bab, and the views of the city are unrivalled.
Sun worshipers should head to Dado Beach, where you can lounge in the sun and take a stroll down the promenade. Some of the best eateries in Haifa can be found round here, serving food from around the globe.
Youngsters will enjoy a day at Haifa Educational Zoo, which is small, but perfectly formed. Featuring a range of animals, including Bengali tigers, there is also a petting area to get a closer look to some of the smaller creatures.
Klein Café in the German colony is popular due to its range of international foods, great views of the city and Bahai Gardens and impeccable service. Sinta Bar Restaurant specializes in steak and seafood and has a great atmosphere. It tends to be pretty full most weekends, so do book in advance.

Airport Information

Haifa International Airport is relatively small, but accepts flights from major destinations around the globe, many of which being in Europe. The airport is located roughly 2.5 miles southeast of the city centre.
It is just a short drive to the centre of Haifa, reachable by the Okef Krayot highway. This will take you onto Route 4, which goes straight to the centre of Haifa, connected by a handful of slip roads.