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A medium-sized city in central Israel, Ra’anana is primarily a commuter town for people working in nearby Tel-Aviv. In recent years, a number of people have moved to the city from places as far afield as Argentina, France and the UK, giving Ra’anana something of a cosmopolitan feel. The city is also close to the beach should you want to venture there. Although the city might seem a little understated and down-at-heel from afar, once you arrive, you might be surprised by what you see. In the city centre, there are plenty of luxury shops and boutiques, while there are also a number of secluded green spaces where you can sit back, relax and watch the world go by without a care.

Ideal car

Fuel can be costly in parts of Israel, so to try and make the most of whatever fuel you need a supermini is the best possible car to drive, especially as the city is so compact.

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Important things to note

To get out of Ra’anana without ending up in Tel-Aviv, the only route to take is Highway 4, which goes northbound towards Haifa.
As Ra’anana is quite a compact city, journey times between suburbs tend to last a maximum of around half an hour.
Some residents in the city speak good English, but it’s important to learn a few basic phrases in Hebrew just in case.

Highlights & Hotspots

In the heart of Ra’anana, The Founders Museum is a good place to learn about how the settlement came to be. Its exhibitions tell the story of how the original settlers from New York helped to make it the city that it is today, up until 1936.
Ra’anana’s main city park is one of the largest urban parks in Israel. Due to its size, there are plenty of things to see and do such as a petting farm, zoo and several sports fields for football, tennis and even rugby.
Within the city park, there is a leaf-shaped lake which is home the Seven Species garden, a peaceful green space where you can observe some local and exotic species of flora and fauna. Nearby, there are a handful of walking paths leading to other parts of the park.
In the city centre, there is a three-storey shopping mall. There, you’re sure to come across shops selling everything from clothes and jewellery to food and perfume plus everything else in between. Be sure to go there on weekends.

Airport Information

Ben Gurion Airport is the nearest airport to Ra’anana, being 10 miles south of the city centre. It is the largest airport in Israel, with flights coming to and from major cities all over the world, mainly in Europe and North America.
The airport is alongside Highway 1, a motorway which has a junction with Highway 4. Highway 4 goes northbound towards Ra’anana, which can be reached by turning west onto the 541.