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The largest metropolitan area in Israel, Tel Aviv offers an experience many might not expect in the country. Modern and energetic, it is a bustling city with a huge number of activities on offer for everyone to enjoy. Beaches, shopping, amusement parks and modern architecture can be found in the city that was founded at least 4,000 years ago. Sporting events and festivals fill the city with the young looking to celebrate the modernity of the city, making it a very exciting place to be.

Ideal car

Given the great condition of the roads, the hatchback is the perfect vehicle for nipping around the city and taking advantage of the smaller side roads.

Driving in Tel Aviv


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Important things to note

As the city is the central point for the modern highway, the roads are generally fast moving and of a good condition. There are rush hour times though, so try to avoid driving in the morning and late afternoon where possible.
The local driving style may be considered somewhat more aggressive to those visiting from the likes of the USA and UK, though is tamer than what might be found elsewhere in the country.
Parking can be challenging in Tel Aviv, even for local drivers. Rather than paying the higher price in the city centre it is worth travelling to the outskirts for a cheaper space and walking, especially on Fridays and weekends.

Highlights & Hotspots

There is enough to enjoy in Tel Aviv to appease even the most energetic visitor. The beach is one of the biggest draws to the area thanks to its stunning scenery and beautifully clean environment. Families and couples alike are drawn to the area to enjoy BBQs and sports, along with a dip in the clear blue waters.
If you’re looking to take a break from the hot middle-eastern sun, there are several waterparks accessible from the city including the main amusement park Luna Park Tel Aviv. Primarily designed for families, there are numerous water slides along with some smaller roller-coaster.
Authentic markets are some of the most popular places for both locals and visitors, especially for some genuine middle-eastern food. Levinsky Market is the best places in the city to try out spices, dried food and similar products.
There is a rich nightlife in Tel Aviv, with a somewhat hedonistic culture. Pubs, bars and clubs have made the city a clubbers paradise especially in the city centre. For somewhere just as fun but a little quieter, visit The Boardwalk for coastal drinks and food with friends and family.

Airport Information

The main entry airport for Tel Aviv is Ben Gurion International Airport and is one of the world’s largest duty-free shopping malls. It is a very modern and decadent building, particularly in the mall area, so it is worth planning time not only to travel through it, but to also take advantage of the shopping opportunities.