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Despite its popularity amongst native Italians, Bologna is sadly overlooked by other European travellers. A significant historic city, there are a great range of activities and events on offer for those of a range of ages as there is an active student population within the city living alongside the locals. Many of the most significant historical landmarks have been maintained and preserved over the years making sightseeing an exciting pastime in the city. Counteracting these landmarks are modern establishments offering some of the best nightlife and entertainment on offer in the country.

Ideal car

Northern Italy has some great drives to soak in the scenery, so opt for a hatchback over a compact city car if you’re planning on venturing out of Bologna.

Driving in Bologna


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Important things to note

There are numerous points of access to the city from all around Italy making it very easily accessible. However, these main roads can become especially busy during the summer months due to Bologna’s popularity as an Italian tourist destination, so plan your journey accordingly.
Due to the size of the city, parking can be difficult and expensive, especially in the centre. Police patrols are common and huge fines can incur from parking illegally. Old Town is one of the best places to park and many spots are available 24 hours.
The central point of the city is surrounded by a main ring road and is best established upon arrival. While these main roads are of a high, modern standard, given the age of the layout, side roads can be very narrow and difficult to navigate.

Highlights & Hotspots

Given the historical richness of the city, there are a wide variety of museums and galleries around the city. The Archaeological Museum is a true highlight as it is built within an old hospital and contains relics dating back to the Egyptian period along with many Roman artefacts.
The National Picture Gallery is a true highlight for art lovers, especially for those interested in the classics and religious art. The gallery features the likes of Giotto, Raffaello and Parmigianino amongst countless other renowned artists and sculptors.
There are numerous sightseeing destinations around the city, which will give visitors a sense of the lifestyle of the civilians many years previously. Torre degli Asinelli and Torre dei Garisenda are the main symbols of the city while Palazzo Comunale is brimming with Renaissance artwork and genuine architecture.
For those visiting in the summer the film festival based in Piazza Maggiore is a must. With restored silent and black and white films shown throughout the event, great cinema from Italy and France is shown alongside modern classics and archive footage.

Airport Information

Based only a few minutes car journey from the city centre, Guglielmo Marconi International Airport is a medium-sized airport and served by several low-cost airlines. The airport is reasonably easy to navigate and should only take a short amount of time to travel to and from.

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