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Literally translated as ‘ancient town’, Civitavecchia is a port town in the Italian province of Rome. Situated approximately 80km away from the city of Rome, the town predominantly serves as a hub for tourists travelling onwards from the port. In fact, the port connects central Italy to a number of locations elsewhere in the Mediterranean, including Sardinia, Sicily and Malta. Civitavecchia, as is the case with the surrounding area, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, which is characterised by hot, yet pleasant summers and mild winters. Temperatures in June and July, the town’s warmest month, average 27 degrees Celsius, while the winter months still manage to reach double figures.

Ideal car

Civitavecchia is a small town and can therefore be travelled around easily on foot. Nevertheless, reaching the town from the airport isn’t easy on foot, hence the need for a medium-sized car.

Driving in Civitavecchia


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Important things to note

The A12 motorway connecting Rome and Genoa is located close to the town and therefore allows visitors to travel to and from the city with ease.
Civitavecchia port offers secure car parking, which will prove particularly useful for those going off on a cruise from the town.
If driving up or downhill, you will need to take car, as some of the inclines in and around Civitavecchia can be pretty steep.

Highlights & Hotspots

The medieval Santa Severa Castle is located 18k away from Civitavecchia and makes for an enjoyable excursion. Public access to the castle is not permitted however it is accompanied by two museums which feature a series of educational exhibits. Once you’ve finished at the castle, why not complete your day by going for stroll along the neighbouring beach?
If you fancy spending a few hours brushing up on your Roman history knowledge, a visit to La Terme Taurine is highly recommended. Accompanied by idyllic surroundings, these former roman baths are situated in the nearby Fioncella and can be easily reached by bike or via a convenient shuttle bus. Entrance costs approximately €5, allowing you to tour the baths at your own leisure.
For a small town, Civitavecchia has a plentiful supply of restaurants. Whether you prefer a high-end dining experience such as that offered by the acclaimed La Bomboniera or a bite to eat on a budget, there’s guaranteed to be an eatery to suit your own individual requirements. It’s best to find out for yourself on an evening when most eateries are open for business.

Airport Information

Located 63km southeast from the town, Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is the closest airport to Civitavecchia. The airport is served by over 100 airlines and offers flights to almost 200 destinations.
Visitors travelling to Civitavecchia via public transport are recommended to go by train, which takes approximately 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the service is not direct and requires a change in Rome. Those with access to a car, however, should take the A12 to reach the airport.

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