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Based on the west coast of Italy, Fiumicino is a former fishing village and a very popular retreat for the locals of Rome, which is based very closely nearby. Peaceful and aesthetically pleasing, there are a surprising number of activities to enjoy in the village. While the village is small, it is certainly worth exploring. With as many historical buildings as neighbouring Rome, it was also enjoyed a recent modernisation in some areas, providing a great balance between the old and the new, a style that many love about the country as a whole.

Ideal car

As a coastal town very close to Rome, an economy city car is the best option for getting about in this part of Italy.

Driving in Fiumicino


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Important things to note

While Rome is only a 15-minute car journey away, the traffic can be very slow moving and difficult, especially for first-time visitors to the area.
As the village has maintained many of its ancient roots, some of the roads do not meet modern standards of excellence; however, they are not of bad condition for those willing to stick to the speed limits.

Highlights & Hotspots

Of course, many visitors to the area commute to Rome to explore the city without the limitations of spending a full holiday there. Only a 15-minute car journey away, it is well worth visiting the famous city at least for a day.
Likewise, Ostia Antica is a famous Ancient city and today has been maintained to a high standard much like the site of Pompeii. Incredibly interesting for those with a passion for Roman history, it’s a site not to be missed.
Vittoria on the Beach is one of Fiumicino’s best restaurants. Based on the beach, it serves classic Italian food in the traditional, relaxed and informal style so beloved of this cuisine. Those looking for a taste of home will also enjoy Scotland Yard Pub, a piece of England in Italy.
Parco Leonardo will appeal to those looking to enjoy some of Italy’s famous fashion. With over 230 shops on offer, the mall was very recently built and is one of the best in the region for all price ranges.

Airport Information

Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is located reasonably closely to the village and is only a short journey by car. It is a reasonably small airport though as a close location to Rome, it can become very busy and visitors should plan journeys in advance.

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