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Based in Northern Italy, Genoa is the capital of the region of Liguria. While the likes of Rome and Venice may be the main traveller attractions in Italy, Genoa has a rich and compelling history that can be seen through the romantic atmosphere and stunning streets of the city. The peaceful city is famed not only for its architecture but incredible food, especially in the form of the seafood that is caught daily thanks to the city’s location on the port. Named the European Capital of Culture in 2004, there is plenty to offer those looking to explore a traditional yet exciting Italian city.

Ideal car

While the roads have been modernised and are reasonably easy to navigate, an economic car will help to control the twisting roads.

Driving in Genoa


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Important things to note

Driving around the city is far faster than public transport as the medieval road designs have been adapted to suit modern transport, meaning driving to your next location can be a pleasure, though the roads can often be steep and twisting.
Parking can be incredibly difficult especially at weekends and during warm weather. It is advised to avoid street parking and to find a spot in a parking garage instead.
Traffic is generally free-flowing with the exception of rush hour, which takes place 7.30am-9.30am and 3.30pm-6.30pm.

Highlights & Hotspots

You should consider visiting the Museo delle Culture del Mondo, which is housed in Castello D’Albertis. A neo-Gothic building constructed in 1892 for Capitano Enrico D’Albertis, it is filled to brimming with the ‘curiosities’ he found on his voyages, including a fragment of the Great Wall of China and even a stuffed platypus, amongst countless others.
A reasonably new addition to the port, the Biosfera is a wonderful mini-ecosystem project featuring plant life, butterflies and birds housed in a gigantic glass ball. The system can be seen from the ground but the best views are available through Il Bigo which is a modern viewing cabin raised 200m up.
Another sight for nature lovers in the Acquario, a six million litre aquarium based out over the water. There are more than 5,000 species living in the aquarium and there is also a barge that hosts a voyage in the ‘Age of Discovery’, which is a fantastic treat for families.
For those looking for something a little more peaceful, take a step back into the 16th-Century Palazzo del Principe, the former home of legendary admiral Andrea Doria. It’s a fantastic insight into Renaissance living including original art work and quiet gardens.

Airport Information

The Aeroporto di Genova – Cristoforo Colombo is a reasonably small airport though it does host several flights from major European airports and connects domestically around the country.
The airport is linked directly to the SS1 road, which goes through the city centre and the city’s port, as well as to other parts of Liguria.

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