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Lamezia Terme is a relatively new city, founded in 1968. It is the result of the unification of three smaller towns located within the Province of Catanzaro and is fames for its natural beauty making it a true highlight of the area. Sandwiched between the Tyrrhenian cliffs and sandy dunes of Ionic, it is a mountainous region rarely found in the Mediterranean. The three original towns of Nicastro, Sambiase and Sant’Eufemia Lamezia still retain their own cultural heritages and make for an interesting and compelling trip.

Ideal car

The narrow, twisting roads will be best navigated by a small nippy car as it will reduce any problems regarding sudden narrowed roads.

Driving in Lamezia Terne


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Important things to note

While the roads on the outskirts of the city are easily navigated and of a high quality, the streets within the city can become unexpectedly narrow and somewhat difficult to navigate by first-time visitors.
The coastal roads offer incomparable views of the natural beauty of the area, but in an attempt to preserve and maintain these views, the roads can often become treacherous on the cliffs as they are unprotected by fences.
Due to a population of more than 70,000 inhabitants and the popularity of cars in the area, traffic can become heavy, especially midweek.

Highlights & Hotspots

While the city today is relatively new, the origins of the three towns dates back many hundreds of years. Nicastro has origins in the 9th Century and the Neo Castrum still stands in the form of ruins which are being excavated on a regular and ongoing basis. These ruins can be visited by visitors and make for an interesting destination.
Sambaise was a significant town during the Roman period due to the baths that dominated the location. The evidence of these baths can be found in Cases del Libro Antico which can be found at the Lamezia Terme Town Library and is a fascinating read.
The Bastian of the Knights of Malta highlights the significance of the area and its history. It is a massive and well preserved watch tower that was built in 1550 by the Spanish viceroy of Naples Pedro de Toledo and is surrounded by ruins of other watch towers, all open to the public.
Those interested in ancient art will be enthralled by the Dicesan Museum. The oldest piece the museum holds is an ivory case of an Arab-Norman era in the 12th Century, while the museum also holds art from the 17th century onwards.

Airport Information

Lamezia Terme International Airport is based only a 10-minute drive outside of the city centre and is easily navigated by car. The airport is served by several airlines from around Europe.
The airport can be accessed via the SS18, which to the north, connects with the A3 going between Naples and Reggio di Calabria.

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