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A city based in the Abruzzo region in central Italy, it is the largest in the area and as such makes an excellent location for exploration and discovery. Due to its location on the coast, it is incredibly popular amongst sun-seekers and culture lovers alike. One of the biggest draws to the area is the numerous bars and clubs that attract a young clientele. Some of the establishments are amongst the best in the country, with both visitors and the student population of the city enjoying the many hedonistic nights on offer daily. Pescara may surprise you with its array of cultural offerings, which make for a great alternative to spending time on the beach.

Ideal car

With Rome only 1.5 hours away, a car that will use fuel economically along with being small and zippy will serve the entire region well.

Driving in Pescara


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Important things to note

Due to the size of the city, traffic is a common problem, especially during rush hour midweek. It is best to avoid travel between 7.30a-9.30am and 4.30pm-6.30pm.
Parking is very limited in the city with spaces claimed often in the earliest hours of the morning, meaning those looking to park throughout the day are advised to arrive early.
There are several pedestrianized areas within the city with very limited road access. These areas are best avoided driving to with walking being a preference for most.

Highlights & Hotspots

Pescara is incredibly popular amongst those looking for a high quality beach experience. The coastline is made of 16km of golden sandy beaches, offering great opportunities to soak up the sun in a relaxed and fun environment.
Nightlife is also popular in the city, with the highlight of any summer night being coast-side club La Prora, offering a swimming pool and even foam parties! The party doesn’t stop in the winter as the clubbers move inland to the likes of Cantina Accademia.
Of course, there is more to the city than sun, sand and nightclubs. Museo d’Arte Moderna Vittoria Colonna is a small but prominent gallery with some incredibly important work, including the likes of Picasso and Miro, amongst much more stunning modern art.
Museo Casa Natale Gabriele D’Annunzio reveals a darker past to the city. Based within the birthplace of the controversial fascist poet, it is an astounding place for those interested in history, literature and culture.

Airport Information

Pescara Airport is served on a semi-regular basis by budget airlines in the UK, though domestic flights to the airport and surrounding areas are far more common.
The airport is two miles southwest of the city centre. It is accessible via the SS5, which goes towards the centre of Pescara.

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