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A city in the Campania province of Italy, Salerno is on the coast of the Mediterranean. Its status as a port has helped it to grow over the years, despite being just a few miles south of Naples. For a brief period, Salerno was the capital of Italy, but today is known for being one of the more relaxed parts of the country as well as its Old Town. The Old Town was recently renovated, helping to give the area and the whole city a new lease of life. People also come to Salerno to explore some of the nearby natural sights such as Pompeii and the often-overlooked Cliento and Vallo di Diano National Park, which has been designated as a World Heritage site.

Ideal car

Many of the streets of Salerno are narrow and tightly-packed, meaning that a small car is completely necessary for getting around without too many problems.

Driving in Salerno


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Important things to note

Some drivers on the motorways around Salerno have a bit of a lax attitude to driving, moving between lanes frequently. Be sure to look out for that.
Parts of the A3 motorway go underground in and around the city, one stretch being just north of the Old Town.
The A30 going northbound from Salerno tends to be a traffic black spot. This is often due to large numbers of commuters going into the city or students from the local university.

Highlights & Hotspots

One of the main local landmarks is the Duomo of Salerno. Built in the 12th century, it is one of the more peaceful buildings in the city. The cathedral is at the heart of the Old Town (Centro Storico) and is a good starting point to explore the other buildings.
The Teatro Verdi is the city’s main theatre. Originally built in 1872, it was restored following earthquake damage two decades ago. Today, the theatre is one of the best places to see opera and ballet performed by local singers and dancers.
The Piazza della Liberta is a recent construction on the city’s waterfront. Here, you can look out on the Gulf of Salerno as well as walk onto its promenade, while some of the main shops are within easy reach from the square.
If a trip to the beach takes your fancy, then the Amalfi Coastline is a good place to start. It actually begins in Salerno, although some resorts are actually a few miles south of the city. The beaches here tend to be a little quieter than expected.

Airport Information

Naples International Airport is the nearest major air terminal, being 45 miles northwest of the city centre. It’s one of the busiest airports in Italy, serving destinations worldwide. It has two passenger terminals.
The airport can be reached by the A1, which goes south towards a junction with the A3 in central Naples. Then, the A3 goes in a south-easterly direction towards Salerno.

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