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San Remo, also known as Sanremo, is a small coastal city in the Italian region of Liguria. Its position on the Italian Riviera makes it a popular destination with the Italian jet-set, while it also has plenty to offer for people who have an interest in motorsport or cycling, being so close to rocky terrain which provides a challenge at every turn. The city has been a hugely popular destination for people seeking sun, sea and sand, although it has plenty of historical significance too, being founded as a settlement back in the days of the Roman Empire. It also has various styles of architecture which make the city a feast for the eyes, with the flagship casino one of the finest examples.

Ideal car

The narrowness of some of the city centre roads plus some of the sharp corners which are prevalent in San Remo makes it imperative to drive something small and nippy.

Driving in San Remo


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

To get around the city’s northern periphery, it’s easier to take the A10 motorway, which heads towards the border with France.
Central San Remo is pretty difficult to get around, as a large number of the streets tend to be narrow in nature.
Towards the harbour, traffic can be heavy in the morning as people get from their cars to their boats, whether for fishing or recreational sailing.

Highlights & Hotspots

San Remo Casino, which has been a permanent fixture in the city since 1905, is the most impressive building in San Remo. It still runs as a casino today, offering roulette, blackjack and various slot games to casual visitors.
The Sanremo Rally was the biggest motorsport event in the city. Formerly part of the IRC motor racing circuit, it was taken off the calendar but some races paying homage to it still take place from time to time.
Ending in the city, the Milan – San Remo cycle race is one of the major fixtures in the cycling calendar. Many world-class cyclists and some keen amateurs take part in the race, which is usually held in March.
Two major music festivals are held in the city. Rock the Casbah is held every August and attracts major pop and rock acts from all over the world. The San Remo Music Festival tends to attract more traditional pop acts every summer.

Airport Information

Nice C?¥te d'Azur Airport (A?©roport Nice C?¥te d'Azur) is the nearest airport, lying around 25 miles west southwest of the city centre. Being over the border in France, it serves cities throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa.
The airport is close to the E74, which begins in Nice before becoming the A10 as it reaches the Italian border. Keep going on that road until a junction with the SP56, which goes directly to the city centre.

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