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Taormina is a coastal town on the Italian island of Sicily, lying on its eastern coast. Perched upon a hillside, Taormina overlooks one of the island’s most stunning beaches, while it also sits in the shadow of the majestic Mount Etna. Aside from that, Taormina has plenty of remains from the Roman Empire, when it was considered a major settlement. Today, people come to the town for its hot summers, its amazing vistas and the wide range of historical sites, although Taormina’s charms are worth exploring all year round, even when it gets a little quieter during autumn and winter. The town is also famous for growing lemons, which are used to make limoncello, a local drink sold worldwide.

Ideal car

Going through some of the roads in Taormina can be tricky with larger, wider vehicles. For that reason alone, it makes sense to choose an economy car such as a supermini.

Driving in Taormina


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Important things to note

Local police say that, to enter the town centre by car, you can only do so in order to get to your accommodation, asking for proof of booking.
To get round this, it might be worthwhile parking your car in one of the large public parking lots near the outskirts of Taormina.
The A18 is the main motorway going to and from Taormina and, as a result, tends to attract the most traffic of any route near the town.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Teatro Greco, a mainly-Roman amphitheatre is probably the most iconic structure in Taormina. Here, for a small fee, you can sit and look out onto the beach in one direction and gaze with wonder at Mount Etna in the other.
Just off the coast is Isola Bella, a nature reserve. Here, you can see some of the local wildlife as well as plants that are only native to Sicily. Walking here is sure to give you a little peace of mind if feeling under the weather.
Taormina’s most notable cultural event is the Taormina Film Fest. Held every June, it features the Italian equivalent of the Oscars, the David de Donatello awards which are given out to worthy actors, directors and producers.
Elsewhere in the town, October is when the Giuseppe Sinopoli Festival is held. Celebrating the work of legendary composer Sinopoli, it features a huge number of classical music performances, arranged by the same people behind the Film Fest.

Airport Information

The nearest airport to Taormina is Catania Fontanarossa, which is 18 miles southeast of the town centre. It has flights to major international destinations as well as other parts of Italy. There is one main terminal for passengers.
The airport has good access to the A18 via the Via Gelso Bianco, which leads to the A19. Continue westbound on the A19 until reaching the junction with the A18, then go northeast from there.

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