Trieste Airport Car Rental

Trieste Airport Car Rental


Perched along the Adriatic and gazing longingly towards Italy, Trieste makes for one of the boot-shaped country’s most unusual cities. From the minute that you touch down at Trieste Airport, you will find a city more in line with Vienna than Venice. Trieste served as the principle seaport for the Austro-Hungarian Empire up until the end of World War I. It would become an intellectual centre in Europe, attracting novelists, poets and great minds. Today it stands proudly with its Roman ruins, castles, churches and mix of medieval, neoclassical and modern styles. If you hire a car at Trieste Airport, you will be put within reach of not just Italy, but also Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. Some companies offer a variety of extras to add to your rental from child seats to air conditioning. Once you have your transportation sorted out, you can begin exploring this cross-cultural Adriatic city. 

Car Hire at Trieste Airport:

Due to the small size of Trieste Airport, it is easy to find the car hire companies. The major branches are located in the arrivals hall of the airport terminal. Rental car parking is separate from long and short stay parking. The car rental parking occupies its own section so that you shouldn’t be too confused on where to pick up and drop off your vehicle. Your rental company will be able to guide you to the car that you booked if you have trouble locating the parking spot. Major and local car rental companies have representatives at Trieste Airport. Every company offers different options to add on to rentals. For those warmer months in Italy, you might want to consider renting a vehicle that has air conditioning. If you tend to get lost, some companies lend satellite navigational systems for your use. If you are bringing along the little ones, you can reserve child and baby seats. 
The primary renter will need to meet the car hire company’s minimum age requirements. Some companies will only rent vehicles to drivers over 25 years old. However, other companies will rent to drivers as young as 19 years old. Young drivers tend to pay a higher rate per day on top of the rental price. In addition to fitting the company’s age requirements, you will also need all of the proper documents to collect your vehicle. Companies require a valid driver’s license, credit card and on occasion your passport. As Trieste is situated in between several borders, it is also important to check your company’s cross border travel policy. Some car rental companies will allow you to cross into neighbouring countries like Croatia and Slovenia while other companies do not allow it. Once you have gone over the policies and requirements of your car rental at Trieste Airport, you can get to know your transportation for your journey. More information such as the many features and options available to you is provided on each car rental company website. 

Trieste Airport Guide:

Trieste Airport is located 40 kilometres from the city centre of Trieste and 28 kilometres from Gorizia. Operated by the company Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A, the airport is positioned in northeastern Italy in the region of the same name, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Trieste Airport serves as the gateway to the four-country region, referring to its neighbouring countries of Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. It is located in a prime spot to explore the heart of Europe. Its official airport code is TRS. 
In order to locate the airport, you can plug into your GPS Trieste Airport’s coordinates. The GPS coordinates for the airport are 45°49′39″N and 013°28′20″E. 
Trieste Airport offers both direct and connecting flights from Italy and all over Europe. The airport’s integration with Alitalia and its Skyteam Partners allows passengers to reach Trieste from all across Europe and the world. The airport also has integration with Lufthansa and the Star Alliance network to lend passengers services to Trieste from all over the globe. Aside from Lufthansa and Alitalia, some of the other airlines to fly to and from Trieste include Air Dolomiti, belleair, Ryanair, Volotea and MistraliAir. Ryanair in particular offers a number of connections to destinations like Brussels, London, Dusseldorf, Barcelona and Birmingham. Some of the low cost air carrier’s routes are summer only. 

Trieste Airport is composed of one terminal for passengers. There are 13 check-in desks and 9 boarding gates. The airport uses two loading bridges for passenger embarkation and disembarkation. Baggage reclaim services are located inside the terminal in the arrivals hall. 
Within the arrival and departure areas of the airport, you can find a wealth of amenities and services. Trieste Airport features a shop for newspapers, magazines and books in the departures area. There is also a duty free shop past security with perfumes, typical Italian products and spirits for sale. The terminal features both a sit down bar and restaurant. Vending machines with snacks and drinks are featured before and after security. A local bank branch is situated in the airport along with several ATMS and a post office in the arrivals hall. Business passengers can use Trieste Airport’s pay-per use Wi-Fi or take advantage of the luxuries of the VIP lounge after security. The terminal features an information desk with local tourist information on the Friuli Venezia Giulia area. 

Driving from Trieste Airport:

Directions from Trieste Airport to Gorizia: Head toward Udine-Venice on the Motorway A4 and at the junction of Villesse, turn towards Gorizia-Slovenia. If driving from Trieste Airport to Trieste, head on Motorway A4 to Trieste from Redipuglia and take the SS14 via Monfalcone, Duino or Sistiana.

Directions from Trieste Airport to Venice:  Head on Motorway A4 from Redipuglia to Venice
Trieste Airport is known for being easily accessible by way of a 1.5-kilometer dual-carriageway link to the A4 Trieste-Venice motorway. The exit is Redipuglia-Monfalcone Ovest. 

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