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Verona is a quiet yet historically significant city in the north-eastern region of Veneto in Italy. The city is most famous for being the setting for Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare’s most famous piece, with many landmarks dedicated to the story throughout Verona. Like many Italian cities, Verona has a rich Roman heritage, as evident in the city’s many ruins. The city centre is the best part of Verona to see how much of an impact the Roman Empire had. Religion is also seen as important here, as the many places of worship here show. Despite being so close to Venice, Verona has much of the same to offer visitors in terms of a beautiful cityscape, great restaurants and fine weather.

Ideal car

The roads leading into Verona are suitable for larger vehicles, but in the centre, a small car is ideal for navigating some of the cobbled streets as well as for street parking where space can be scarce.

Driving in Verona


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Important things to note

Verona’s public transport network isn’t quite as comprehensive as in other major Italian cities, so as a result, traffic isn’t too heavy.
The main route out of and into Verona is the A4, which takes you to Padova in the west and eastwards towards Venice.
The main visitor information centre in Verona is at 9 Via Degli Alpini on the Piazza Bra. There is also an office at the Airport.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Arena, a massive Roman Amphitheatre in the heart of Verona, has been preserved very well since Roman times. Today, it’s used for a variety of events including opera performances and plays, but be sure to book in advance.
Juliet’s House on Via Cappello was supposedly where the balcony love scene from Romeo and Juliet took place. The house itself and the small courtyard are hugely popular with love-struck teenagers looking to show their love for one another!
The Basilica of St Zeno is probably the most well-preserved church in Verona. It also has a wonderful façade and Zeno’s tomb in the church’s basement. Zeno, a fourth-century North African immigrant who was ordained as the Bishop of Verona in 363, is a hugely important historical figure.
The Lamberti tower is the best place to get a panoramic view of Verona. If you’re not up for climbing several flights of stairs, there’s a lift available. You’re able to see the Arena, Teatro Romano and other landmarks from afar.

Airport Information

Verona Villafranca Airport is only 3.1 miles southwest of Verona itself. Just over three million passengers are served, with flights going to destinations across Europe and Africa. It presently has one main terminal building for arrivals and departures.
The airport can be reached by car via the A4 or A22. The A4 goes along the south of the city with junctions leading towards the centre, while the A22 heads north towards the Italian Alps.

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