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Kuwait is the largest and capital city of Kuwait. This bustling metropolis is home to a wide range of stunning landmarks and historical sights. Kuwait brings together a wonderful blend of cultures from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, all of which are evident city-wide. Home to numerous historic and religious sites, there are also many traditional, classy restaurants and luxury hotels here. The cosmopolitan city is home to huge skyscrapers and high-rise offices as well as the impressive Kuwait Towers which boast impressive views over the city and the gulf. In and amongst the glittering skyscrapers are artefacts of the city’s history, with temples and religious site interspersed with the more modern elements of the city.

Driving in Kuwait


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Important things to note

Take care to come to a complete stop at roundabouts and not just give way to on-coming traffic.
Drive cautiously. Local drivers are known to ignore driving laws and pay little attention to other road users. It is not uncommon for local drivers to switch lanes without signalling.
In the event of an accident you must not leave the scene of the incident, doing so is an offence. If you have an accident, call the police and stay at the scene until they ask you to leave.

Driving culture in Kuwait

A trip to the impressive Kuwait Towers is not to be missed. As one of the most popular attractions in the city, these intriguing towers have a fascinating design and boast impressive views of the city and beyond.
The city is home to a range of modern attractions and fascinating museums. Take a trip to the Scientific Centre – a family friendly museum with an IMAX theatre, Aquarium as well as a wide range of innovative exhibits and displays, suitable for all ages.
Visit the fascinating House of Mirrors which will be appreciated by both art-lovers and families alike. This stunning building has been created using intricate mirrored mosaic patterns and guided tours are available to the public.
Children will love spending a day at KidZania, and interactive edutainment centre where kids can enjoy role-playing games in a replica city. There are a huge range of games where they will learn as they play.