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Inhabiting some 2.1 million citizens, Beirut is the capital city of the Middle Eastern country of Lebanon. Since the country gained independence from France during the post-war era, the city has been regarded as Lebanon’s commercial and financial centre. Beirut is considered to be a city and municipality rich in cultural diversity, particularly due to its largely multilingual population. As expected, the Lebanese capital enjoys an agreeable Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool rainy winters. Snow is a rarity in this part of the world, thankfully!

Ideal car

The narrow streets of Beirut mean that a small car is by far and away most practical option. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop drivers from trying to squeeze inordinately large vehicles down even the most cramped of car-lined streets!

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Important things to note

Be prepared to use the horn frequently and don’t expect fellow road users to indicate when approaching a junction or roundabout.
Although you may see both drivers and passengers without a seatbelt on, it is in fact a legal requirement, so please remember to belt up whenever you are travelling in a car in Beirut.
Particularly in the areas outside of the city centre, road conditions can be questionable. Expect to have plenty of potholes and road works to contend with!

Highlights & Hotspots

This enormous city consists of several districts, each of which have their own individual highlights. The Pigeon Rocks make up what is arguably the most popular attraction in Beirut. These impressive offshore rocks are said to be one of the only natural features in Beirut and can be viewed and enjoyed from the coastline or even visited by boat.
There are plenty of other outdoor spaces around the city, namely public parks and squares. The Sanayeh Park and Herbal Garden are just a couple of the pleasant locations in which visitors and locals can enjoy a lazy afternoon with friends and family.
Beirut is also famed for its numerous festivals which take place on several occasions throughout the year. From film festivals such as the Beirut International Film in October, to music events such as the Bacardi Night during the summer months, there’s a festival to cater for differing tastes and preferences.
Beirut Art Center, in the city centre, is a publicly-run venue which has a range of interactive and traditional exhibits. The artworks on display here are rotated every few months, so you never quite know what you’re going to get!

Airport Information

Lebanon’s only commercial airport, Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, is situated in one of the city’s southern suburbs a mere 9km away from the centre.
Travellers to and from Beirut will benefit from a modern passenger terminal, hosting a wide range of shops and eateries. Internet access is also available throughout.