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Based to the south of Sicily, Malta is one of the only islands in the area that is inhabited. While the island is small, it is proud of its rich history that dates back to the Neolithic era. The climate is beautiful all year around and the island is a peaceful retreat looking to escape from the much busier main land. There are numerous activities to be enjoyed for people of every taste, making it an ideal holiday destination for most.

Driving in Malta


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Important things to note

Road conditions have improved immensely in recent years, meaning that while the vast majority of roads are easily driven, some are still being improved and so may prove more difficult to less experienced drivers.
The GPS coverage of the island can be sketchy at times, so drivers should be sure to pick up an up-to-date map upon arrival.
There are many narrow and one-way streets in Malta, but the local drivers are often quite friendly, so visitors should be sure to ask for directions when visiting a new location.

Driving culture in Malta

Malta is home to some of the oldest standing architecture that dates back to the 4th Century BC. These ancient temples can be found in various parts of the island and will strike visitors with awe.
The city of Mdina is also known as the Silent City and is based in the centre of the island. Architecture and history collide in the town offering some of the best views of the island and a romantic atmosphere takes over in the evening.
Valletta is a much more modern city, but just as stunning as the rest of the island. Shops, restaurants and bars are open here making for a very enjoyable trip for those looking for something a little more urban on the island.
The St John’s Co-Cathedral was built by one of the earlier Grandmasters of the Knights Hospitaller, making it a location of historic, religious and architectural significance. Within are various chapels of the Knights’ langues and is filled with tapestries, paintings and relics.