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Sister of the more popular island of Malta, Gozo is one of three islands in the Maltese archipelago 95km south of Sicily. Quiet and beautiful, Gozo is an ideal destination for those looking to soak up the atmosphere are a truly stunning island without braving the crowds of Malta’s main island. The island can be visited either as an excursion from Malta or can be easily enjoyed as a vacation destination of its own. There is a great historic presence throughout the island through gorgeous churches, while the untouched countryside adds to the traditional nature of the area.

Ideal car

The smaller the car, the better in this region, though due to the varying states of the roads throughout the island, it is advised that a hatchback will cope with journeys much more easily than a city car.

Driving in Gozo


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Important things to note

Apart from the capital of Victoria, a car is necessary for exploring the island most thoroughly due to the lack of public transport throughout the island.
The road conditions of the island vary immensely, with those in the capital being of a reasonable standard, whilst those through the rest of the island are more basic.
The ferry that connects Gozo to Malta is able to carry cars, so those looking to explore all areas will be able to travel with their cars in both locations.

Highlights & Hotspots

There are numerous towns and villages within the island that can be easily explored within one short break to the area. Victoria, or Rabat, is the capital of the island and holds the ancient Citadel dating from the 15th Century.
Ix-Xatt tal-Imgarr is a beautiful port town that is a must-visit for anyone who loves seafood. Meanwhile, Xaghra holds numerous places of interest within its region, including Ninu’s Caves, a museum, Ramla Bay and the Calypso Caves.
The largest church on the island, Xewkija, is astounding and was built in honour of John the Baptist. The church itself is a fabulous piece of architecture, whilst anyone interested in Christian history is sure to enjoy the church.
Thanks to the surrounding ocean, diving is very popular throughout the island. One particularly popular location, the Blue Hole, has very stunning views, while the sea life and underwater geography is sure to dazzle and amaze all who witness it.

Airport Information

Gozo Airport is very small due to the islands size and the popularity of the ferry connecting the island together with Malta. Flights may increase during the peak season of the island. At the moment, it is operational as a heliport.
Malta International Airport is significantly larger and can be reached from Gozo in a matter of hours via ferry or plane. It is around five miles south of the centre of Valletta.