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Sliema is a coastal town in Malta, lying around half a mile or so from Valletta, the nation’s capital. Sliema is one of the newer parts of the country, boasting a significant number of boutique hotels and several modern attractions geared at younger visitors to Malta. Many people in the town speak English as their first language, making it the ideal place for Anglophonic visitors to stay. The town is one of the more cosmopolitan parts of Malta, as many people from all over the world have made it their home. Sliema is also close to some of the finest beaches in Malta, while it has a handful of religious landmarks which are worth exploring inside out should you fancy doing something a little more sedate.

Ideal car

The narrow and winding streets of Sliema are conducive to driving a small, cheap car such as a supermini or perhaps a city car. Anything larger would seem unwieldy.

Driving in Sliema


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Important things to note

Although well-connected by roads to Valletta, to go between the capital and Sliema, a ferry ride is available and is generally quicker.
The nearby town of Gzira is more or less contiguous with Sliema, although if driving from the north, following signs for either will be sufficient.
Street names here are written in Maltese first, with an English translation underneath on most road signs.

Highlights & Hotspots

Formerly a major palace in the centre of Sliema, Palazzo Capua is now one of the town’s most luxurious hotels. Although it’s hard to see from the inside unless you’re a guest, its façade is one of the most impressive in the country.
One landmark that you can visit is the Stella Maris Parish Church. Dating back to 1878, the church took 25 years to build and was home to many interesting works of art. Today, there are still a few paintings to look at.
In summer, there are two lidos open in Sliema – The Lido and Medasia Playa. Both are open day and night and have poolside restaurants and clubbing nights during June, July and August when visitor numbers tend to peak.
Shopping is at its best in the town. You’re likely to find a number of boutiques and jewellers sat alongside old-fashioned souvenir shops and international fashion chain stores. Tigne Point is one of the newer places to go for some retail therapy.

Airport Information

Malta International Airport is five miles south of Sliema town centre. It’s the only airport serving the country but has a huge range of flights to destinations all over the world. Many of them are only operational during the summer months.
Getting there by car can be complicated, but starting from Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, you can drive south following the main dual carriageways, where the airport is clearly signposted.