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For a great beach holiday, Mexico is a popular choice. It’s the perfect place for those who want to relax on the beach with a cocktail during the day and sample the traditional culinary delights at night; as well as those who want to explore the history and culture of the country. There is a multitude of stunning sandy beaches perfect for relaxing under the Mexican sun as well as a many great bars and restaurants serving traditional Mexican cuisine. Trips to the pyramids of the ancient Aztecs such as one of the wonders of the world - Chichen Itza, are also a popular choice for those wanting to inject a little history and culture into their sunny holiday.

Driving in Mexico


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Important things to note

The Mexican military operate at border control and at various checkpoints throughout Mexico. They will require your driver’s licence and insurance information, and it’s likely they will search your vehicle for drugs or weapons. Be patient, courteous and comply with their requests. They have the right to search your car.
Do not pick up hitchhikers, or stop to help people who appear to have broken down at the side of the road, as this is a common trap set up by thieves.
Thieves have been known to leave large rocks in the middle of the road to encourage cars to stop. It is advisable to be cautious and drive around the rock rather than stop the vehicle.

Driving culture in Mexico

What are the roads like Mexico?
The quality of the roads in Mexico is generally quite poor and road surfaces tend not to be in great condition either. Typically, they tend to be littered with potholes and out in rural areas it is common for livestock to be in the road. Toll roads are much better in terms of quality, but they can be expensive.
How will I find the drivers in Mexico?
It is strongly recommended to keep your distance and avoid overtaking, as many locals do not have insurance. It’s also common for local drivers to ignore stop signs as well as make turns without indicating. Also, locals often drive cars without functioning brake lights.
What are the best times to drive?
Throughout the day is the best time to drive. Wherever possible it is recommended to avoid driving at night as roads can be more hazardous and it is likely that you will encounter a lot of pedestrian traffic. Locals are known to drive without lights on, and many roads in Mexico are unlit.
What are the driving laws?
It is compulsory to wear seatbelts in both the front and rear seats of the vehicle. Exceeding the speed limits in Mexico is a serious offence and speeding is strictly monitored. In the event of an accident, you must not move your vehicle unless it is causing an obstruction or is a serious hazard to other road users. Wait until the appropriate authorities arrive.