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A small coastal city in Montenegro, Tivat is rapidly emerging as one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the Balkans. Tivat’s roots date back to the 3rd century BC, when it was established as a key fishing settlement. Since then, it has enjoyed a largely quiet time, but with Montenegro gaining independence, Tivat has become an alternative destination for sun-seekers. Due to its convenient location on the Adriatic coast, Tivat is within easy reach of major settlements in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. Its location near the sea means that you’re able to head to the beach, go fishing or, if the mood takes you, give surfing, sailing or perhaps swimming a try. Tivat is also a good place to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

Ideal car

Even though some of the roads in Tivat are improving, an off-road car would be the best possible vehicle to navigate some of the rural routes, which usually have the odd pothole or crack.

Driving in Tivat


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Important things to note

If you want a smooth drive around Tivat, then it should at least involve part of the Adriatic Highway, the main route in and out of Montenegro.
Some of the roads off the beaten track aren’t in the best condition, although improvements may be on their way soon as more tourists come to Tivat.
Traffic is usually at its heaviest during the daytime near the airport, which is currently the biggest in Montenegro.

Highlights & Hotspots

Tivat has its own botanic garden, located near the centre of town. The garden is home to many native species of flower as well as a few more exotic plants from further afield and is open for most of the year due to the clement weather.
Just outside Tivat is the charming medieval village of Gornja Lastva. The village is ideal for anyone who wants to take a few impressive snaps of this part of Montenegro, while it’s also good to learn about how Montenegro looked several centuries ago.
Near the town centre is the Porto Montenegro Marina. Here, you can grab a bite to eat, visit the bar or perhaps do a little bit of souvenir shopping. The marina looks at its most resplendent during the evening with the sunset in the background.
If you want to head to the beach, the best place to go is Plavi Horizonti. This beach is pretty quiet, even during the summer, meaning that you have more space to wander and soak up the sun than you would further north in Croatia.

Airport Information

Tivat Airport, located three miles east of the town centre, is one of two main airports serving Montenegro. It has one main passenger terminal, serving flights to cities across Eastern Europe including Moscow and Belgrade.
The airport is accessible from the E65 highway, which goes northwards around the lakes before meeting the 2 highway, going north towards the border with Croatia.