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Located in the south of Morocco, Agadir is a country recognised for its pristine beaches and welcoming inhabitants. As a popular destination for European visitors in particular, tourism is the main driving force behind the city’s economy, however its flourishing fishing industry also plays a significant role. The main language spoken in this Muslim city is Berber, however many locals are capable of speaking Arabic and French. Tourist will also face little difficulty as English is widely spoken. In respect of the climate, Agadir is a hot, dry city which barely experiences rainfall. That said, the sea breeze makes for comfortable temperatures during the summer months.

Ideal car

Enjoy driving on Agadir’s well-maintained roads in a comfortable and practical car. If you fancy a trip to Casablanca, a saloon car is also the perfect type of vehicle to drive on the recently built expressway which connects the two cities.

Driving in Agadir


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Important things to note

Whilst the city’s roads are known for being safe and well-kept, it’s worth keeping your wits about you as there are a number of one-way streets which can cause some confusion.
Unsurprisingly, as is the case in all major cities, Agadir does have rush hour periods. Strangely enough however, the volume of traffic is at its highest around midday.
Agadir is well-connected to the rest of Morocco, but it can be a bit difficult if not using the main roads to get to other cities.

Highlights & Hotspots

Surfing is another activity frequently participated in by Agadir’s many visitors. Experienced surfers can enjoy optimum conditions between November and March, whilst beginners can try their hand all year round.
For families visiting Agadir, the Vallié des Oiseaux is the perfect day trip. This small zoo is home to some magnificent types of bird from all over the world and is completely free of charge – keeping the youngsters entertained couldn’t be easier!
Also located in Agadir is the region’s largest market known as Souk El Had. Selling everything from souvenirs and clothes to fresh fruit and veg, this market is the perfect place to purchase gifts to take home for the family or provisions for the fridge in your self-catering accommodation.
A trip up to the ruins of the ancient Kasbah located on a hill in the northern part of Agadir is also highly recommended due the stunning overhead views of the city and the bay that can be enjoyed from this point.

Airport Information

Agadir - Al Massira Airport (Matar al-Maseera) is the city’s main airport, situated a couple of miles southeast of the city centre. It accepts flights from all over Europe, especially during the summer months when demand is at its highest.
The airport is accessible from the N10 motorway, which will take you straight towards the centre of Agadir, with many of the roads to the left taking you to the beach and to the city centre in the opposite direction.