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Although it’s not the capital, Casablanca is Morocco’s most populous city. It’s also the most famous, enjoying a great reputation for being one of North Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. The hot summers and mild winters make Casablanca a good place to visit if you want a suntan, but there’s more besides the weather that makes the city so attractive as a destination. In the city centre, traditional markets bustling with stalls selling exotic clothes, fabrics, jewellery and spices typify the way of life here. The city is also one of the most romantic places on the planet, acting as the setting for the classic film of the same name. Casablanca is also home to many significant historical sights worth seeing if you want a change of pace.

Ideal car

Many of the roads in Casablanca are in good condition. However, as fuel can be hard to come by if driving out into the country, a small car with good fuel economy is the best thing to drive.

Driving in Casablanca


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Important things to note

If you’re trying to enter Casablanca westwards or eastwards, then you should take the A5 toll motorway. The A7 is the best way to travel further south.
Being a city of some four million people, Casablanca is prone to major traffic jams during peak times. Avoid driving during early weekday mornings if possible.
If driving out of Casablanca, it’s important to leave with a full tank, as petrol stations are scarce away from the city.

Highlights & Hotspots

No visit to Casablanca should be complete without a trip to the King Hassan II Mosque. Morocco’s largest place of worship, it’s also the world’s third largest mosque with the tallest minaret on the planet. To explore the whole site, there are usually four tours a day.
Close to the mosque is the Corniche district on the city’s shore. Gazing at the waves of the Atlantic Ocean as they crash against the beach, you can grab a bite to eat, stay in a luxury hotel or go and watch a film at the district’s cinema.
The Old Medina, a walled town in the north of the city, will give you an insight into what life was like in Casablanca before Morocco was under French rule. The site is worth walking around for a couple of hours or so in the afternoon.
On the Ain Diab Plage, the beach, you can go for a horse or camel ride if you want to see the entire city’s shore from end to end. You can also play football, sunbathe or get away from the busy city centre if you fancy some quiet time.

Airport Information

Mohammed V International Airport is the biggest in Morocco. Serving over seven million passengers from two terminals, flights are available to Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa including major cities like London and Paris.
The airport is accessible directly from the N9 highway, which goes northwards towards the R315. That road takes you into the heart of Casablanca.