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Along with its status as an important port to the wider area, Tangier is a highly popular and fascinating destination for visitors to Morocco. It holds the perfect combination of history and intrigue, mystery and stunning views. The culture of Tangier is both welcoming and new as it is predominantly based around a combination of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France. This, combined with the legendary friendly nature of the locals, make for a very pleasant and rewarding trip.

Ideal car

Due to the narrow and twisting nature of the road, along with being quite a compact city, an economy car will serve a full family well.

Driving in Tangier


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Important things to note

There are two main roads throughout the city from which the vast majority of highlights can be reached with ease and are easy to navigate around.
Traffic can be common, especially in the city centre and is not eased by the small roads. It is highly advised to avoid rush hour traffic, especially in the early morning and mid-afternoon.
Much of the city is designed around maintaining some of the older architecture and as a result a vast number of side roads can be narrow and twisting and thus confusing and intimidating to new drivers.

Highlights & Hotspots

The massive medina is perhaps one of the most popular sights of the city, a huge labyrinth of alleyways and shops housed within a 15th century Portuguese fortress. Surprisingly well lit, it’s possible to get lost for hours within these walls and discover some amazing sights and experiences.
For a piece of history from a little more recently, 1001 Nights was a hugely popular café in the 1950s and was renowned for its role in trance music and development. With the help of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, the café even released its own album.
Culture and literature lovers will adore Tangier American Legation Museum, based in the southwest are of the Medina. The museum holds a massive amount of memorabilia from the writers and artists that have taken residency and worked in the city.
Of course, when the weather is as amazing as it can be in the summer months, there’s nowhere quite like the beach to catch some rays. The beach was once widely avoided but thanks to recent renovations is now a popular destination for visitors and locals alike and is one of the cleanest in the area.

Airport Information

Tangier-Ibn Airport is based 12km south of the city with a travel time of around 20 minutes by car. The airport is connected to the N1 motorway, which goes all the way to the city centre.
A range of airlines from Europe connect to the airport on a regular basis. Domestic flights to major cities across North Africa are also available.