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Located on the west coast of Namibia, Walvis Bay is a small city of some 50,000 inhabitants. A commercial sea port with a thriving fishing industry, the city attracts a significant volume of visitors each year due to its expansive bay and sand dunes. The vast array of marine life that can be found in the neighbouring waters is another one of the city’s major selling points. Its coastal location makes it a great place for wildlife to thrive; the flamingo is actually native to the city. Walvis Bay experiences less than 10mm of rainfall per year, making it the world’s driest locations. Visitors are strongly advised to pack a hat and sun cream, particularly those who are not especially accustomed to such climates.

Ideal car

For those who want access to their own vehicle or fancy travelling further afield, a 4x4 vehicle is recommended in order to cope with the often rugged terrain outside of the city.

Driving in Walvis Bay


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Important things to note

Many of the roads in Walvis Bay are laid out in a grid structure, allowing for easy navigation around the city without the need for a map.
Walvis Bay is connected to the rest of Namibia by two main routes, the B2 towards the neighbouring town of Swakopmund and the M36 through the Namib-Naukluft National Park.
Although not that heavy, traffic tends to be higher in volume going in the direction of Windhoek.

Highlights & Hotspots

Walvis Bay is a destination perfectly suited to those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Sporting opportunities such as golf, swimming, and fishing are readily available. For the more relaxed amongst you, there’s still plenty to keep you entertained. Head to Walvis Bay Waterfront for a leisurely stroll and marvel at the fascinating species living there such as whales and flamingos.
Sandwich Harbour, one of the world’s largest sand fields, is located within close proximity to Walvis Bay. Named after the first boat to have ever docked on the bay, Sandwich Harbour is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been visited by very few. Tour guides will take your on a hair-raising ride over the sand dunes and allow you to get out to take photos and enjoy the stunning sea view.
Given Walvis Bay’s status as a fishing town, it’s hardly surprising that seafood can be found on the menu of most restaurants in Walvis Bay. Built on stilts on the very edge of the bay, The Raft has a varied and extensive menu, which includes a selection of meat, vegetarian and, of course, fish dishes.

Airport Information

Walvis Bay Airport is situated 16km away from the city centre and offers flights to a handful of destinations in Southern Africa. Those with access to their own vehicle can reach the airport via the M36 motorway.
The airport is the second busiest in Namibia. However, due to its rather small population, traffic going there isn’t too much of an issue.