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Windhoek is the capital and largest city of Namibia, located almost dead centre in the southern African nation. Surrounded by sandy plains, it’s a city which might be easily mistaken for being European in parts, owing to English and German influences in its recent history. Despite being the capital, Windhoek isn’t the most hectic place you’re likely to visit. The weather in Windhoek is pretty good for most of the year, with highs during December and January reaching over 30°C. Even when it’s cooler, it’s still suitable to wear your shirts and shorts, especially if you plan on going on safari after venturing from the city centre. Although small by capital city standards, Windhoek does have plenty of classy restaurants and bars to its name.

Ideal car

On the smooth roads taking you between Windhoek and other major cities, something smaller is fine, but to navigate potholes and feel safer, a 4x4 will be required.

Driving in Windhoek


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Important things to note

The B1 road is the main route which goes in and out of the city. As such, it can be a little clogged during rush hour close to the city centre.
Public transport can be a little sparse at times here, so you won’t have to worry too much about being stuck behind a bus.
Some of the minor roads in Windhoek can be difficult for some cars to drive on. Make sure your tyres have plenty of grip for rough road surfaces just in case.

Highlights & Hotspots

The National Gallery of Namibia is the city and country’s largest art gallery. In the centre of Windhoek, it’s primarily a space where local artists can display their work, although international artists also have some of their works on show from time to time.
Alte Feste, an old fortress built back in 1890 under German rule, is now home to the National Museum. The building alone is worth a look, while the exhibitions dedicated to Namibian history seal the deal as far as visitors are concerned.
Zoo Park, also in the city centre, is one of the main public parks in Windhoek. It has a pond, playground for children and, amazingly, an open-air theatre where you can sit down and watch a local play during the dry season.
One of the best restaurants in the city is PepperCorn at the Maerua Mall. It’s advisable to have a drink before and after your meal, which could be made to a local recipe or be from another part of the region such as South Africa or Angola.

Airport Information

Hosea Kutako International Airport is 28 miles east of Windhoek, serving as the primary airport of Namibia. It has one passenger terminal with flights to other African countries as well as Frankfurt, which many German residents frequent.
The airport is located just to the north of the B6 road, which takes you straight west to Windhoek in around half an hour or so, depending on traffic levels.