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As the principal city of the Brabant region of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a place which has grown considerably over the past few decades. Home of the electronics giant Philips, it’s now the fifth largest city in the country but embraces its roots, which go back all the way to the 13th century. While much of the old city was destroyed during World War Two, parts still remain. A quick look at Eindhoven’s cityscape will show you that it’s a place with the future in mind. Landmarks such as the De Admirant tower and the Blob reveal that technology has played such a huge role in its development, but there’s more to this city than just being a national hub for all things innovative.

Ideal car

Some of the roads in the city centre and suburbs are a little more difficult to drive on than further north in the Netherlands. For this reason alone, a small car is the best for driving in Eindhoven.

Driving in Eindhoven


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Important things to note

In most of the city centre, parking can be quite expensive. If possible, try to park in the suburbs to save a little money.
Some parking spaces in the suburbs and on the edge of Eindhoven are free of charge, but be sure that you’re not somewhere where your vehicle is on private property.
The main road going into and out of Eindhoven is the A2 motorway, which goes around the western districts.

Highlights & Hotspots

Football is very popular here. PSV Eindhoven, one of the most successful teams in Dutch football, play at the all-seater Philips Stadion. They regularly feature in European competitions as well as the Eredivisie and have plenty of home-grown talent on show.
The Van Abbemuseum is one of the Netherlands’ most famous art museums. Offering modern and contemporary works from artists as famous as Mondrian, Appel and even Picasso, it also has great views of the nearby Dommel River and a wonderful café.
De Admirant, which stands at 105m in height, is the tallest building in Eindhoven. It’s also the base for a major shopping mall which has many local and international retailers all under one roof. You might find a few bargains there.
If you’re a fan of design, you might want to visit the city during Dutch Design Week. Taking place every year, you can see various examples of design from local students as well as visit the home of designer Piet Hein Eek on Strijp-S.

Airport Information

Eindhoven Airport, 4.6 miles west of the city, is the second busiest airport in the Netherlands. It has one main terminal for passengers and has flights to and from cities and towns across Europe and parts of North Africa.
The airport is just off the A2 motorway to the east. From there, you can drive south onto Tilburgseweg, which takes you to the inner ring road around the city centre.