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The capital of the Dutch province of the same name, Groningen is a city renowned for its large university, which has helped to shape life here in more ways than one. As close to 30,000 students reside in Groningen, the city has a youthful air about it, as proved by the many nightclubs, bars and music venues dotted around the main streets. Groningen is also known for being a major historical city with roots going back to the Roman era. Fully-established in the 11th century, it has gone through its fair share of turbulent events, but is an oasis of calm today, enticing visitors from all over Europe due to its large number of major historical landmarks.

Ideal car

Driving a small car in Groningen is the most sensible, especially if you want to enter the city centre on four wheels, while it would make filling up at the pumps a little cheaper.

Driving in Groningen


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Important things to note

Parking is restricted in the Old Town, while the same can be said for access to some of the roads due to them being partially pedestrianized.
Outside the city centre, there are a handful of park and ride facilities. Parking at the one on Sontweg near the branch of Ikea is free of charge.
Traffic levels tend to be pretty high on the N-Roads going around the city centre, owing in part to the narrow roads in the centre of Groningen.

Highlights & Hotspots

One of the main attractions in Groningen is the Groninger Museum, a venue which predominantly hosts examples of modern and contemporary artwork from all over the world. It’s one of the most highly-rated museums of its kind in Europe.
The Martini Church is one of Groningen’s most prominent landmarks. The church itself is one of the finest buildings in the region, while it’s possible to climb to the top of its tower in order to get some great views of the city.
Noorderzon Open-air Theatrefestival is one of the biggest festivals in Groningen. Held every August, it sees many dance, comedy and theatre performances played out to crowds in the Noorderplantsoen public park, featuring a wide variety of local performers.
If you want to explore the Old Town district of Groningen, where many of its historic buildings lie, you could always take a canal cruise to see some of the sights. This will show you, among other things, how integral the canals are to life in the city.

Airport Information

Groningen Airport Eelde is 5.5 miles south of Groningen’s city centre, serving most of the north-eastern Netherlands. It serves a limited number of destinations throughout Europe in summer and winter, mainly for low-cost airlines.
Getting to Groningen from the airport is easy. Going south then east on the Burgenmeester J. G. Legroweg onto to the A28 and then taking that road north gets you to the city in next to no time.