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There are few places in the world as idyllic as New Caledonia. With a rich history influenced heavily by France, the UK and Australia, this incredibly peaceful country is the perfect place to breathe in the culture, discover something new and relax. Water sports and scuba diving are the order of the day along with hiking and trekking for those who like to keep active and push themselves to the limit. On the other hand, sun bathing, swimming, and tasting new and exciting foods and drinks while strolling around the gorgeous historical towns can be enjoyed for those who want to take it a little easier.

Driving in New Caledonia


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Important things to note

There are two toll roads in the country, both of which travel to and from the capital city of Noumea.
If the driver’s original, home driving licence is not in French, an international driving license is required in addition to the home licence.
Any foreign visitors hoping to drive through New Caledonia must have held both of their driving licences (home and international) for at least a period of two years.

Driving culture in New Caledonia

What are the roads like in New Caledonia?
Driving around New Caledonia is highly recommended, in part due to the high quality of the road network all across the country. From city driving to the rural countryside, the roads are of good to excellent condition.
What are the drivers in New Caledonia like?
While some drivers have been criticised for speeding, the drivers in New Caledonia are generally courteous, especially of foreign visitors.
What are the best times to drive?
While there are times of slightly heavier traffic throughout the major cities of New Caledonia, the rush hour traffic is generally quite light in comparison to other countries. If driving at night, it is best to avoid some of the smaller roads and keep to the well light main roads and high ways.
What are the driving laws?
Seatbelts must be worn at all times by both the driver and all passengers. The drink driving limit is 0.05% and random breath tests can be performed randomly by the police at any time.