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One of the largest cities in Western Norway, Aalesund is a city which has proven popular with stargazers and those interested in fishing from the clear waters which run around it. People often come to Aalesund by boat or plane, preferring to see the fjords which are a common sight in this part of the country. In Aalesund, you’re more than likely to see the Sunnmøre Alps, a mecca for skiers in Scandinavia. Heading to this mountain range is a must if you’re in the mood for adventure, while they’re also close to a number of neighbouring villages where you can see the real Norway. Also, many of the roads leading to Aalesund provide you with breath-taking scenery all the way.

Ideal car

To try and get up some of the uphill routes, a larger vehicle is better suited for that type of driving. In the majority of cases, a family car would be perfect for such jobs.

Driving in Aalesund


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Important things to note

In Aalesund, it’s essential to drive with winter tyres between November and March, even though many of the major routes are regularly cleared of snow.
To go to either Trondheim in the north or Bergen in the south via the E39, you will need to take a few ferries en route.
The main route out of Aalesund is the E136, which will take you onto the E6, the main route going towards Oslo.

Highlights & Hotspots

A major attraction for families coming to Aalesund is the Atlantic Sea-Park. The aquarium has an array of sea life on show, although it’s usually best to visit during the summer months when it’s a little bit lighter and warmer outside.
If you want to see the fjords while in Aalesund, your best bet is to go to from the city’s main park to Fjellstua, its highest point. There, you can see the fjords from almost any angle, while the walk itself is pretty rewarding too.
Throughout the city, you’re likely to come across a number of prime examples of German Art Nouveau architecture, which was erected in the early 20th century. This gives Aalesund an aesthetic reminiscent of a German city.
In celebration of the city’s architecture, it might be worth going to the Art Nouveau Centre. Here, there are plenty of displays showing what Aalesund was like before receiving its makeover, as well as a few works from local artists.

Airport Information

Aalesund Airport, Vigra, is 7.5 miles north of Aalesund city centre. It has one main passenger terminal and serves flights to a handful of major European cities as well as domestic destinations such as Oslo and Bergen.
The airport can be reached by the 658 road, some of which is an underground tunnel. It goes directly to the airport, which is well-signposted.