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The towns of Harstad and Narvik are located in the northernmost part of Norway, not too far south of TromsØ. Being so close to the Arctic Circle, they’re ideally located for anyone who wants to go stargazing, skiing or see some of the famous fjords. Their relative isolation makes both towns ideal for anyone looking for a quiet getaway. Harstad is famous for its importance in Viking history as well as its role in recent wars. Narvik is home to numerous monuments, while you’re also able to go fishing or swimming if you’re feeling brave enough. In summer, this part of the country is at its best as you can enjoy the midnight sun!

Ideal car

Even though the roads in both towns are pretty compact, a larger vehicle might be needed to try and go up steep inclines on some of the rural routes. The extra power is handy too.

Driving in Harstad Narvik Evenes


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Important things to note

Main roads are few and far between in Narvik and Harstad, although the minor routes are generally in excellent condition.
Access across the border to Sweden is pretty good, although to be on the safe side, an EU passport may be required.
In this part of Norway, it might be worth driving a car with winter tyres fitted. Even though the main roads are cleared of snow during winter, it’s advisable to have winter tyres fitted during the winter months.

Highlights & Hotspots

In Narvik, the War Memorial Museum is a fascinating place to learn about the area’s role in the two World Wars, not to mention lesser known conflicts. The museum is accessible by cable car to the Fagernesfjellet area.
Harstad’s most notable landmark is the Trondenes Church which is famous for being the world’s most northerly medieval stone church. Visitors are free to worship here, but take note that it can get very cold inside during the winter months.
Also in the Trondenes district is the Trondenes Historical Centre. With over two millennia of history, it was once a power centre for the Vikings. Here you can learn about how the Vikings lived and what they did for the town.
Just outside Harstad is the Vågsfjord area, a bay which is pretty secluded. Home to a number of islands, it’s a good place to go for a walk, enjoy a boat ride or even go mountain climbing, with peaks topping an astonishing 4,000ft.

Airport Information

Harstad/Narvik Airport is located in between the two towns next to the village of Evenes. The airport has flights to other parts of Norway as well as a few seasonal flights to resorts in southern Europe. It has one main terminal for all flights.
The airport can be accessed via the E10 highway, which goes east towards Narvik. Towards Harstad, head north until reaching the junction with the 83 road. Go up the 83 until you reach Harstad itself.