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Rygge is located in the Oslofojord region of Norway and is approximately six miles from the town of Moss and 37 miles from the capital city of Oslo. The town of Moss is only a short 10-minute drive from the airport and is home to a few cultural gems and beautiful scenery. Outdoorsy types will love exploring the surrounding area which offers a range of hiking trails as well as canoeing opportunities. Moss is also home to numerous beaches and secluded coves, many of which are deserted. These tranquil spots are perfect for enjoying the breath-taking scenery. Those who enjoy shopping will be pleasantly surprised by the array of shops on the town’s main road. Art lovers will enjoy wandering around the town’s numerous galleries showcasing unique art collections, paintings and sculptures.

Ideal car

A hatchback would be efficient and reliable enough for driving long distances and sufficient for both urban and motorway driving, handy if you want to drive north towards the Oslo region.

Driving in Rygge


Road Driving Side


Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

It is the law to drive with dipped headlights at all times, throughout the year, including during the day.
At junctions where there is no priority sign (a yellow diamond) drivers must give way to traffic coming from the right.
There are motorway tolls in operation on route to Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.
You must give way to trams. Drivers are permitted to overtake trams on the right except on one-way streets.

Highlights & Hotspots

Moss is home to an array of fantastic art galleries. The Galleri Henrik Garner hosts as many as 10 exhibitions of Norwegian and international art every year. Moss Kunstgalleri exhibits contemporary and private collections and is open throughout the year.
The Moss Museum of Town and Industry is a family friendly museum located in the heart of Mill City. Visitors will learn about the history of the milling, water, glass and paper industries including an excellent workshop for children.
There are loads of ways to explore the fantastic countryside including the numerous walks and trails at Blomsterveien Road in Rygge which cover the entire region. You can hike these fantastic trails by following the path marked with flowers. There are maps and trail descriptions available from the Moss tourist office.
If you want to visit somewhere quieter, then the Konventionsgarden may be the place for you. This is one of the most historic parts of Moss, but is a good place to watch the world go by.

Airport Information

Moss Airport Rygge is located in the small town of Moss and is located approximately six miles from the centre of Moss and is accessible via the E5 freeway, going north towards Oslo.
The airport has one main terminal, but isn’t the busiest, largely serving domestic and regional flights as opposed to the more far-flung corners of Europe.