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Based in the northernmost part of Norway, TromsØ is famed globally for its ideal location to view the Northern Lights during the winter months. This astounding phenomenon draws visitors back year after year as they are able to experience something completely unlike anything else on this Earth. TromsØ is more than just the Northern Lights however. Art, history, food and a world-class nightlife are amongst the treats in store in the city, much of which is fuelled by the lively student population. The history of the region dates back more than 11,000 years but TromsØ manages to perfectly balance modernity with history.

Ideal car

While most cars will serve the area well all year round, a 4x4 will give drivers peace of mind when driving in treacherous weather conditions.

Driving in Tromso


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Important things to note

The roads are of an excellent condition and are kept clear even through the winter months. However, during the depths of winter, the occasional snow storm will render roads unpassable for a short period of time.
The roads stay generally clear of traffic for the majority of the year, though during the peak times of June and August, traffic can occasionally occur in the city centre.
Many people chose to travel by cross country ski, meaning drivers should be aware at all times of pedestrians even in areas you would not expect to see them.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights, are one of the biggest draws to the area though certain conditions must be in place for them to be seen. The peak months are from the middle of December until March, with the best times being between 6pm and midnight.
One of the best places to learn about the history of the city is TromsØ Museum, a large museum with several compelling exhibitions. Some of the highlights include a Sami exhibition, religious art, the Archaeology Exhibit and the Northern Lights machine.
The world’s northernmost brewery, the Mack Brewery, is open for the public to tour around and makes an excellent destination for those interested in beer and its production. The tour is fascinating and is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Of course, one of the most popular reasons to visit the city is to take a look at the many areas of nature and natural beauty surrounding the city. There are mountains, fjords and fauna to discover and witness, making the city one with the perfect balance between nature and construction.

Airport Information

Langnes Airport is the international airport serving the area though is of a very small size. There are flights from domestic locations and some areas in Europe including the UK.
The airport is just a mile or so west of Tromso, while it can be reached via the 862 road which connects to the E8, the main road out of the city.