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Salalah is the second largest city in the Oman and the Dhofar Province’s principle metropolis. This Arabian city has a fascinating history that can be traced back as far as the Queen of Sheba, who is said to have travelled to Salalah to collect supplies of frankincense. Today, this story helps to bring many visitors here. Some 200,000 inhabitants call Salalah home, including a large expat community from nearby countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The official language in Salalah is Arabic, however English is widely spoken, particularly by the city’s expat community. As for the climate in Salalah, it can only be described as desert-like.

Ideal car

Salalah’s surrounding roads are not always in the best of condition due to the area’s desert-like nature. A hatchback vehicle is the recommended vehicle of choice, as it has all bases covered.

Driving in Salalah


Road Driving Side


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Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

Drivers should take care when travelling around outside the city, as heavy fog is common can make visibility particularly difficult.
Make sure to drive within the speed limit at all times, even if the road does not appear to be monitored, as animals such as camels and goats have a tendency to wander into the road.
In summer, it’s advisable to bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated, as the temperatures tend to soar upwards.

Highlights & Hotspots

Located a matter of kilometres outside of the city, the Marneef Cave is undoubtedly one of Salalah’s most well-known attractions. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the nearby beach and take in the picturesque sea view. There are also a number of blow holes, through which the sea spurts out like a fountain when currents are particularly strong – a spectacle not be missed!
What’s more, Salalah has a range of retail opportunities to cater for even for the most discerning of shoppers. The Haffa Souk is the city’s local market, where tourists can mingle with the locals and purchase local goods such as crafts, incense and stock up on souvenirs to take home their loved ones.
Salalah Tourism Festival, otherwise known as the Khareef Festival, is an annual event held over a three month period in celebration of the city’s long-awaited monsoon. The festival comprises a variety of cultural attractions, concerts and sporting events, attracting both Arab and non-Arab visitors from far and wide.

Airport Information

Salalah Airport is situated within close proximity to the city itself and is serviced by a handful of international airline companies. The airport offers regular flights to the capital Muscat, along with those to a small number of other Middle Eastern destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Consequently, Salah is well connected to the rest of the world. The airport is within easy reach of the city centre and can be accessed via the 47 highway if travelling by car.