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Peru has a rich cultural history along with some of the greatest nature preserves in the world, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to discover something new and truly remarkable. Home to pink dolphins, jaguars, 4,000 types of butterflies and much more, it’s a stunning country to visit. The cuisine alone is enough to tempt any food lover as Peru has some of the most varied dishes found in the continent. Various fruit and vegetables grow all year round, while exotic dishes containing fish, meat and offal will push the European taste boundaries to their (delicious) limits!

Driving in Peru


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Important things to note

While petrol stations are common across the main areas of Peru, parts of the countryside see very little traffic; if visitors are planning on visiting remote areas it is essential to keep a spare can of petrol in the car.
Toll roads can be found on the major highways, meaning drivers should aim to keep change in the car.
It is recommended to blast the horn of the car whenever driving around bends in the road; often larger trucks will overtake on bends meaning collisions can occur.

Driving culture in Peru

What are the roads like in Peru?
While the major roads in Peru are of a good condition, the vast majority are unpaved, covered in dirt or gravel. Any first-time drivers in Peru will need to drive cautiously in these particular areas.
What are the drivers in Peru like?
Accidents are a common problem on the roads in Peru, though as long as drivers are cautious this should not pose a problem. Car drivers are generally safe, though those driving larger vehicles such as trucks can often seem to be much more reckless.
What are the best times to drive?
Due to the twisting nature of many of the roads in Peru, it is advisable to avoid driving at night. The roads are often badly lit, and with 24-hour truck drivers taking advantage of the more infrequent traffic, accidents occur most often after dark.
What are the driving laws?
All visitors will need to carry an international driving license to drive in Peru. Seatbelts should be worn by the driver and all passengers at all times.