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Located on Poland’s Baltic coastline, Gdansk is the country’s main seaport and a key industrial hub. With a population just short of half a million, Gdansk is the capital of the northern Pomerania region and the central location of Poland’s fourth-largest metropolitan area. With a fascinating history which dates back over 1,000 years, it was in the city of Gdansk that the Solidarity movement was founded; a trade union federation which significantly contributed to the demise of Communist rule throughout Central Europe. Gdansk boasts an abundance of tourist attractions, a large number of which are historical in nature. Most of these sights are located in an area of the city often referred to as the Royal Road. Visitors to the city are unlikely to experience any extreme weather conditions and can therefore expect moderate winters and mild summers.

Ideal car

Gdansk is by no means a vast place to drive around, so the city really does lend itself to a small, economical vehicle, preferably a supermini.

Driving in Gdansk


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Important things to note

It is recommended that you plan your journey in advance when driving in Gdansk as access to many of the city’s roads is limited to local residents and taxi drivers.
Heralded the most cycle-friendly city in Poland, it’s hardly surprising that cycling is a very popular means of transport in Gdansk. It is therefore very important to be aware of cyclists when driving in the city, especially when turning right.
Watch out for potholes! Unfortunately, these treacherous crevices are by no means uncommon in a city where road conditions are largely below standard.

Highlights & Hotspots

Gdansk’s Old Town is regarded to be one of the city’s greatest highlights. Having been rebuilt during the post-war era, the area is now overflowing with eateries, shops and picturesque buildings to be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.
The city is home to an array of museums including the Gdansk History Museum which can be found inside the Town Hall; a building which dates back to the 14th century. Exhibitions do change from time to time.
Also worth visiting is the city’s Maritime Museum with its extensive array of exhibitions and a rooftop restaurant boasting stunning views. It’s close to the port area, which is surprisingly picturesque to look at.
Located up in the hills, a trip the city���s Oliwa Zoo is the ideal day out for families holidaying in Gdansk. Although it is relatively small in size, this reasonably priced zoo is easily accessible from the city itself and is the perfect place to venture out for a leisurely stroll.

Airport Information

Named after the former Polish president, the Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport is located 12km west northwest of the city and is the country’s third-largest airport. Accessible by bus from the city centre, the airport’s two terminals offer flights to various European destinations.
To get there by road, you need to drive along the Juliusza Slowackiego road, which is just off the S6 motorway.