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The third-largest city in Poland, Łódź is located in the centre of the country in the district of the same name. Dubbed as the ‘Polish Manchester’, the city has a rich industrial heritage, particularly for its once-thriving textile industry. Today, hi-tech industry has helped to see Łódź grow, while recent attempts by local politicians to create an image as a cultural destination seem to be working. More people seem to be visiting the city, looking for something different to what both Warsaw and Kraków offer. The façades of some of its most important buildings and some of the more modern constructions hint at a city on the up. It has a thriving nightlife, numerous sporting and cultural venues plus plenty of places to shop without breaking the bank.

Ideal car

Something smaller might not be able to cope with potholes and cracks, which can be found on some of the minor routes in the suburbs of Łódź.

Driving in Lodz


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Important things to note

On pedestrian and cycle crossings, both pedestrians and cyclists generally have right of way over motorists in the city.
Traffic on some of the main arterial routes going into the city centre is usually prone to jams on weekday mornings.
The A2 and A1 both pass by the northern limits of Łódź. The A2 tends to be the busier of the two motorways.

Highlights & Hotspots

Muzeum Sztuki, known locally as ‘ms’, is the largest modern art museum in Łódź. It has a huge collection of works from Polish and international artists. A satellite museum, ms2, shows more of the same but also has exquisite examples of locally-made textiles.
The Central Museum of Textiles is the best place in Łódź to learn about how the textile industry helped to see the city grow. There are a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as some working machines which can be viewed in action.
Łódź hosts the annual International Festival of Photography (Fotofestiwal). Taking place every May, it makes good use of many of the city’s old factories, each of them hosting pictures taken by some of the world’s most famous photographers.
If visiting Łódź with the kids, you should take a trip to Fala Aquapark. As one of the biggest of its kind in Poland, there are plenty of places at this waterpark for the kids to splash around and cool down in summer. Meanwhile, there is a sauna complex on-site for the adults.

Airport Information

Łódź Władysław Reymont Airportis close to four miles southwest of the city centre. It is one of the busiest airports in Poland, primarily serving destinations in Germany and the United Kingdom. It presently has one passenger terminal.
The Pienista road connects the airport to Łódź itself. It leads to a junction with the Waltera Janke, which goes north then east onto the main ring road.