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A small coastal town in the Algarve, despite its size, thousands of visitors from all over the world descend on Carvoeiro every summer. People come to the town in order to soak up the sun, do a bit of fishing and use it as a base to visit some of the nearby towns and cities such as Portimao, Faro and Albufeira along the coast. What helps to make the town so attractive to tourists are the nearby beaches. Protected from damage by the cliffs overlooking the shore, they’re sometimes sheltered without being too cold, while its history as a fishing village is still evident today through the boats which regularly sail to and from its port.

Ideal car

Even though most of the roads are in good condition, an off-road car would be best for driving towards the beaches and through the countryside, especially in the unlikely event of wet weather.

Driving in Carvoeiro


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Important things to note

The nearest major road is a few miles north of Carvoeiro in the town of Lagoa, where connections to major towns are plentiful.
Some of the rural roads near the town tend to be harder to drive on in wet weather. Bring tyres with plenty of grip just in case.
To get to some of the beaches, it might be worth going by foot as the route through town might be difficult to navigate.

Highlights & Hotspots

One of the main landmarks in Caroveiro is Alfazima’s Lighthouse. Built in 1920, it’s located on the edge of Alfazima Cape, is a square structure and is decked out in clean, white tiles. It’s pretty easy to spot once you arrive in the town.
The Shrine of Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao is just a few miles or so west of Carvoeiro. Close to the site of an old fort, this chapel has amazing views of the coast and is seen as one of the main attractions in the entire Algarve region.
The most popular beach near Carvoeiro is Praia da Marinha, one of the most beautiful in Portugal. Its cliffs and rocks make it very picturesque, while the water is notable for being among the cleanest you’re likely to find in the Algarve.
In and around Carvoeiro, there are a number of golf courses. With stunning scenery in the background, a round at Vale de Milho Golf will test even the most accomplished player, but it will provide you with a round you’ll never forget.

Airport Information

The nearest to Carvoeiro is Faro International Airport, which is 18 miles east of the town. The airport has flights to and from destinations all over Europe, many of which during the summer. There is one main terminal serving passengers.
Travelling from the airport, take the N125-10, then the N125. Continue until reaching Lagoa, then drive southwards on the Rua dos Pescadores which leads to Carvoeiro.

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