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A small city on the Algarve coast in southern Portugal, Lagos is a hugely popular destination with people from all over Europe looking for somewhere warm to spend their summer holidays. Despite being a relatively small city, Lagos has a lot going for it and not just because of its handy location by the shore where it meets the Atlantic. Lagos is a good place to go camping, even when the weather isn’t as warm as you might expect it to be. It’s also a great starting point for walks through the Algarve countryside, while you’re never too far away from the sea if you fancy doing a little fishing, swimming or if you want to see some of the local sea life up close.

Ideal car

Lagos has plenty of roads with sharp turns, as do some of the outlying villages. A supermini would be the best car to tackle these roads, while also being safe for driving in the city centre.

Driving in Lagos


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Important things to note

Being a small city, Lagos is pretty friendly to pedestrians. However, to get between here and other cities and towns in the Algarve, a car is necessary.
The main route into and out of Lagos is the IC4/A22, which stops just north of the city. It takes you eastbound to other parts of the Algarve.
Some of the roads in the suburbs can get a little treacherous in wet weather, although rainfall is rare in this part of the country.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Capela dos Ossos is a small yet striking bone chapel located on the grounds of the Sao Sebastiano Church. It, along with the church’s bell tower, makes a small admission fee worth paying, while the views from the bell tower are stunning.
On the beach, the best place to go is Ponta da Piedade. One of the quieter spots along the coastline, this part of the beach is home to a lighthouse, which is often used as a starting point for many tours of the nearby caves by boat.
To explore some of the rougher terrain around Lagos, you could do much worse than go on The Mountain Bike Adventure. With help from the guides, you’re able to drive around the hills and from the highest point of the Algarve right to the sea.
Lagos is one of the best places in Portugal to go shopping for ceramics. As a part of the country renowned for producing well-crafted ceramic goods, they’re easy enough to find in the centre of the city, especially in the markets.

Airport Information

Faro International Airport is the local airport, even though it’s some 35 miles east of the city. The airport has one main passenger terminal and serves flights from destinations throughout Europe, mainly during the summer months.
The airport is easily accessible from the A22, which can be reached via the N125-10 from the airport and then the N125, which goes northwards to the A22.

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