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Famous for its year-round summer climate, Puerto Rico is a popular destination for holiday-makers of all ages, drawn by the perfect beaches, relaxed social life and rich and vibrant history. The cuisine is a central draw to the area as world-famous plantain and pork dishes are made to suit every taste. With fresh food always on the menu, travellers are sure to find something to enjoy for their meals, coupled with the country’s signature cocktail – the Piña Colada.

Driving in Puerto Rico


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Urban Speed Limit


Rural Speed Limit


Motorway Speed Limit

Important things to note

There are numerous toll roads, particularly between San Juan and Ponce. These fares are not typically expensive however, with a standard charge ranging from $0.30 to $1.50.
On motorway roads, there is no ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ lane; lanes are typically only ever used for overtaking. Drivers may choose any lane they please, but are generally expected to stay within the same lane throughout the journey.
Rural, mountainous roads are often too narrow for more than one car, so it is often recommended to follow the suit of local drivers and beep the cars horn before turning a corner.

Driving culture in Puerto Rico

What are the roads like in Puerto Rico?
Many roads within Puerto Rico are untreated, with pot holes, uncovered man holes and sporadic speed bumps filling many of the roads. Also pavements are often uneven, while lane markings are usually either faded or completely absent.
What are drivers in Puerto Rico like?
While Puerto Rican drivers are not generally aggressive, many can be lax about driving laws and rules, which could catch tourists unaware. It is not uncommon for drivers to pull out in front of other cars, and very rarely use indicators.
What are the best times to drive?
When driving through the city, it is advisable to avoid driving through rush hour, which is at 8am-10am in the mornings, and 4pm-6pm in the evenings. Tourists are also advised to avoid driving between 10pm and 4am, as car-jackings can be common.
What are the driving laws?
Many of the road laws in Puerto Rico are similar to those found in the USA, due to its status as a commonwealth of the USA. However, some differing laws come from drivers being allowed to turn right at red lights, as well as drivers legally being able to pass on the left or right.