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Known as the ‘Garden of the Atlantic’, Aguadilla is a coastal city in Puerto Rico. On the northwest of the island state, it is famous for being a popular holiday destination, with the city’s skyline being dominated by hotels and entertainment complexes. Locals believe it to be the best place to live in Puerto Rico, owing to its almost village-like feel. As well as the city’s many beaches, you’ll also find a few family-friendly attractions which will keep visitors young and old entertained, while there are plenty of sports fields and swimming pools to help keep you in shape. On top of that, Aguadilla has a few cultural venues where visitors can see a show or marvel at a masterpiece.

Ideal car

As a compromise between urban and rural driving, a hatchback would be handy for driving through central Aguadilla as well as between the outlying suburbs and to the beach.

Driving in Aguadilla


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Important things to note

Although pretty well-connected by road, the nearest major motorway to Aguadilla ends at Arecibo, some 20 miles east of the city.
The majority of roads in Aguadilla are in near-perfect condition, but some routes have a few minor imperfections which can be hard to cope with for smaller vehicles.
The centre of Aguadilla isn’t continuous with other parts of the city, giving the impression that they are separate villages. This isn’t the case.

Highlights & Hotspots

Museo de Arte de Aguadilla is one of the city’s biggest museums. It hosts a number of ancient and more modern artworks by artists from Puerto Rico and further afield. Although it might seem low-key on the outside, it’s worth a few hours of your time.
One of the best beaches in Aguadilla is El Crashboat, which gets its name from a shipwreck which has remained at the far corner of the beach for several years. Its pristine sands and clear waters make it the most visually appealing place to soak up the sun.
The Parque Colón is a city park which has just about everything a family visiting Aguadilla could ask for – a beach, playgrounds, treehouses, street stalls and a fountain. It’s also close to a boardwalk which takes you to the shore.
If you want to make a splash here, where better than Las Cascadas Water Park? As the largest water park in the Caribbean, it has plenty of rides including a wave pool and, of course, several waterslides that the kids will love careering down.

Airport Information

Rafael Hern√°ndez Airport is located four miles north of the centre of Aguadilla. As a joint civil/military airport, it gets used all year round, although it mainly caters for destinations in the mainland United States when civilian flights are concerned.
Getting there is possible via Route 107, which goes north from I-2 Interstate until reaching Hangar Road going east to the airport’s main car park.