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With a range of cultural landmarks, Russia has plenty in store for visitors. Many tourists come here for the rich cultural hub of Saint Petersburg, home to modern architectural buildings boasting over 36 historical architectural complexes as well as an abundance of museums and art galleries. Moscow is considered by many as the party capital which also has a rich history and is home to fantastical architecture. There are a wide range of landmarks to visit including the Cathedral of the Archangel and the Great Kremlin Palace.

Driving in Russia


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Rural Speed Limit


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Important things to note

There are various toll roads in Russia, which usually only accept payments in cash, so make sure you drive with enough change to cover the fee.
Do not use your horn unless in extreme danger.
There are frequent police roadblocks in operation throughout the country. Police can issue on the spot fines for any drivers who have committed any driving offences.

Driving culture in Russia

What are the roads like Russia?
Generally road conditions tend to be poor but are slightly better in and around the major cities than in more rural areas where roads are poorly maintained with unclear (or very few) road markings.
What are the drivers like in Russia?
It is recommended to drive defensively, keep your distance from other drivers and exercise caution at all times. It’s advisable to avoid driving in the countryside or too far from city limits.
What are the best times to drive?
Avoid rush hour in Moscow and other major cities, as traffic can come to a standstill, even on motorways. During the winter months, driving can be dangerous due to hazardous weather conditions.
What are the driving laws?
It is compulsory to wear seatbelts in both front and rear seats of the vehicle.
The law stipulates that drivers must use dipped headlights during the day, throughout the year.
It is illegal to pick up hitchhikers.
Russia operates a strict zero tolerance drink driving policy.
It is illegal to drive a dirty car.
If you have an accident in Russia you must notify the appropriate authorities and must not move the vehicle unless it is dangerous where it is.
You cannot use a mobile handset for calls, texts or internet while driving as this is against the law. It is recommended to use a hands-free kit if you want to speak on your mobile phone whilst driving.