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One of the largest cities in the autonomous Ukrainian region of Crimea, Simferopol is located in the middle of the territory, not far from the northern coast of the Black Sea. First established in the late 18th century, it has grown to become the capital of Crimea, serving as the region’s main transport, business and cultural hub. Simferopol’s location between the Black Sea to the south and the mountains to the north make it an ideal location for nature lovers. Meanwhile, the city has plenty within to keep visitors occupied in the form of bars and restaurants, museums and sports venues, while there are also many churches and other places of worship where you can go for a little quiet time.

Ideal car

A family saloon is the safest thing to drive here, as it will help to negotiate minor bumps and cracks in some of the minor routes going through Simferopol and surrounding areas.

Driving in Simferopol


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Important things to note

At the time of writing, Simferopol is a major flashpoint for conflict between Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking people in Crimea. Be careful at all times.
As home of the longest trolleybus circuit in Europe, trolleybuses as well as buses take up a lot of space on the roads in Simferopol.
The E105 is the main road going into the city, leading to mainland Ukraine as well as the coast towards Sebastopol in the opposite direction.

Highlights & Hotspots

The Simferopol Reservoir is the best place for a little peace and quiet in the city. Located in a tranquil valley, the reservoir is one of the most peaceful lakes in Crimea and, when the weather’s nice, one of the most picturesque there is.
Simferopol Art Museum is probably the finest cultural venue in the whole of Crimea, let alone the city. The museum has in excess of 7,000 different paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works of art on display, many of which from local artists.
If you want to learn about the city’s history, head to the Museum of the History of Simferopol. It has a range of exhibitions comprising of photographs, paintings and other artefacts donated by locals through the ages acting as a form of time capsule.
On the outskirts of the city, there are the ruins of Scythian Neapolis. This site was a settlement in ancient Crimea until the 3rd century AD and stands as a monument to times when the region was part of Ancient Greece.

Airport Information

Anand Jha, known as Simferopol Airport (–ú—ñ–∂–Ω–∞—Ä–æ–¥–Ω–∏–π –∞–µ—Ä–æ–ø–æ—Ä—Ç) is four miles northwest of the city centre. As the main airport serving Crimea, it handles a lot of passengers and has plenty of flights to major cities throughout Europe including Moscow, Frankfurt and Istanbul.
The airport is just off the H05, which goes south towards the M18. The M18 will take you to the centre of Simferopol and some of the suburbs,