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Saudi Arabia is a very family-orientated destination, with numerous events and activities open to those married with children. It is the ideal location to discover something completely different from the Western world as well as find out about a rich and compelling history. Desert excursions are increasingly popular with both locals and tourists for both the thrill of the journey and the awe inspiring views. Scuba diving is incredibly popular too, with a thriving scuba culture and business throughout the country for those looking to explore the world beneath.

Driving in Saudi Arabia


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Important things to note

Should you be involved in a road accident, the traffic police will arrive on the scene to assess the guilty party at the scene of the accident. They will then ask the guilty party to pay a fee of their choice to the victim.
While drivers may see locals breaking speed limits and other traffic laws, it is important that visitors do not break these laws – corporal punishment is active in Saudi Arabia and should be taken very seriously.
A traffic control and management system called SAHER has recently been installed throughout Saudi Arabia which works somewhat like a speed camera. A message will be sent to the person registered to the car, and the longer the fine is left unpaid, the higher it will become.

Driving culture in Saudi Arabia

What are the roads like in Saudi Arabia?
The vast majority of roads in Saudi Arabia are in good and even excellent condition, particularly on the main motorways and highways, though the condition of the city and town roads are also good.
What are the drivers in Saudi Arabia like?
The Saudi drivers are said not to take the rules of the road very seriously, with many breaking speed limits on a daily basis. The number of accidents per year is high, primarily due to speeding throughout the country.
What are the best times to drive?
Within the major cities, rush hour is said to last 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no great time to drive in the cities, though mid-afternoon and evening are somewhat easier. However, once outside of the cities the roads can very often be cleared and a great amount of distance can be covered in very little time.
What are the driving laws?
Perhaps the most surprising law is that women of any age are banned from driving. It is completely illegal to drive and even ride a bike as a woman. Further to this, seatbelts must be worn at all times by both the driver and all passengers and it is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving.